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SPDD/SPAU Reset to Original before sap upgrade

Ting Chen
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We are planning to do system upgrade (to EhP. 5) soon. In our all past, we have never directly carried out a SPDD and SPAU transactions to adjust customer modified SAP objects. What we did was to, after the upgrade completed, test each business transactions and fix any problems found or re-transport the prior modifications as necessary.

This time we are going to carry out the SPDD and SPAU transactions for the very first time during the upgrade. Here are my questions:

  1. Since we have never made upgrade adjustment in SPDD/SPAU, currently, the system displays modified objects with all kinds of status icons(green, yellow, red traffic lights, etc.) dated since 2007(Go-live year) to Dec. 2010 (the last upgrade), (see picture below-from PRD system).


The question is: before starting our next upgrade, what should we do with these objects? Should they all be “Reset to Original”?


  1. We are going to start the upgrade from our TRN system as the pilot upgrade, TRN system is a copy from our PRD system, it seems the two systems have different display of the modified objects (see picture below, left-PRD, right-TRN).


The question is: Why they are different in SPDD/SPAU?  TRN displays less modified objects than PRD system, does it mean that PRD system will have more objects to adjust during upgrade than TRN system?



  1. As we know SPDD does Adjustments for Data Dictionary and SPAU does Adjustments for Repository Objects, based on our past experience, we had authorization objects in user role was changed after upgrade, and SAP enhancement type (e.g. from BTE to Enhancement Spot)  was changed after upgrade which caused problem,


The question is: Do authorization objects or SAP enhancements adjustment also included in SPDD/SPAU?  What issues are not included in SPDD/SPAU and these issue must be resolved through user testing after upgrade?