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MDM WebDynpro generated ItemDetails screen - tuple problem

Anton Dimitrov
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Hello guys,


Have anybody play with the ItemDetails screen and MDM WDP generation tool? It is a good tool, but it seems that either I can't understand some of its functionality or it is not working at all.

First to clarify that I'm working with NW 7.3 and using MDM 7.1 sp8.

The problem is with the tuple functionality. I have searched a lot, but I didn't found anything useful in help.sap.com and there are no examples of how should I use this functionality.

These two methods are what is the question about:
wdThis.wdGet<XX>Interface().setTupleInternalFieldProperty(tupleFieldCodesPath, property, value)
wdThis.wdGet<XX>Interface().setTupleInternalFieldsPath(tupleFieldCodesPath, tupleValueIds)


I have a structure in MDM, which is something like that:

Main table [ main ] with a lot of fields { ..., tuple1, ... }


=> tuple1 - Tuple structure[ tuple_table1 ] with fields { field1, field2, field3, tuple11 }


And what I don't understand is how these two function module works? Can somebody who has used them already and knows what they are doing and how they are working explain me briefly?


I was thinking that with setTupleinternalFieldProperty I can change the properties of one of the columns in the tuple structure:


Something like: setTupleinternalFieldProperty(new String[] {"tuple1", "filed1"}, FieldLayoutProperty.VISIBILE, false);

And this will hide from the tuple1 table the column field1, but clearly this is not the case.


The most confusing thing is the tupleFiledCodePath, if somebody can explain me how should I create a correct path?


I will apreciate any help.

Thank you in advance.
And I hope that together we will find the undocumented SAP secrets

Best Regards,