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Data quality component installation

Nandana Hazarika
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Hi ,


I have SAP business object Data Service 4.0  base component installed at my laptop. I want to use data quality features of the tool. I believe I need to install the data quality component on top of the base component in order for me to use those features. My company has already bought the license for all the components. But, I am not able to figure out what are all I need tinstall, how I need to install and configure and where are those files located. We raised a incident at SAP customer support telling our problem, but they are also not providing us the correct files,links and reference guide for installation. One of the files that they sent us only providing us the firm,name cleansing directories but not address directories for different engines.


Can somebody help me to resolve the issue . We all in the team are pretty new to this tool, so not able to understand how should we approach.




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    Paula Augedahl
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    Data Services, by default, installs the Data Quality and the Data Integrator piece.  The license key you register 'unlocks' the ability to use the DQ transforms (and/or DI transforms) if they are indeed licensed.  Nothing special to install for this. 


    There is referential data that must be installed based on what you license:

    - Address Directories--you license the countries that you want (Customer Support does not have access to see what you have licensed.  The best they can do is simulate your S-User ID to see what is available to you to download..may or may be representative of what your company has licensed.)  Download these packages from SMP and extract them into your reference_data folder or wherever you reference these files in your dataflows.

    - Cleansing Packages--this is a separate download and install from the software and the address directories.  You must run the installer on it (documentation for this is in Data Services Installation Guide (Windows/UNIX).


    If you need to understand what you have licensed, you will want to talk to your account executive/sales rep or MRAM.


    Hope this information is helpful to you.