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Action Box

sachin karekar
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what is action box in sap

how to configure it . process for customisation


shall we use it during inspection lot created or result recorded , to give intimation to consult dept. through mail or phone call


pl provide details with example

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    Alok Kumar Tiwari
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    One widely used example is that you can trigger another notification from the Action Box of a notification. such notifications are linked together in the system, which can be viewed through the workflow icon in the notiification.


        Quality Management - > Quality Notifications -> Notification Processing->Additional Notification Functions

    ->Define Action Box -> Define Follow-Up Functions (Generated Tasks/Activities)

    = > Notification Types ->Activities->Dependent Follow-Up Functions

    -> Define Follow-Up Actions for Tasks-> Define follow-up actions

    = > Follow-up actions -> Function modules




    Alok Tiwari

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      Jatin Desai
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      Hi ,


      Copy any of Function & give another number then put QM06_FA_ACTION_TELEPHONCALL_2 as functiona module under same field.... It should show in the notification ,


      No need to define dependent Followup action.


      Bottom line is you should identify Fucntional modules which you want to use ... defining action box is easy.


      Award point for this

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    Anup Patil
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    Hello Sachin,


    When you process quality notifications, maintenance or service notifications, you can use the action box function to execute follow-up actions.

    Normally, you use Action Box function to trigger some followup action after usage decision. Now this follow-up action could be update some QM document or send email to communicate concerned persons/departments or print some document from notification etc.


    You can define Action Box in - SPRO --> QM --> Q Notifications --> Notification Processing --> Additional Notification functions --> Define Action Box (For more details you can read out help given in SPRO).