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SAP GUI 7.20 Patch 7 shortcuts do not appear for SAP Logon or R3 Add-On

Judi Folkert
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I apologize if this is not the correct forum in which to post my question .   However, I'm an application packager working for a large company and am having difficulty getting the compressed file for SAP GUI 7.20 Patch 7 to add the shortcuts on a new install.  The files are present in the appropriate places following the install but a number of them are missing...especially the SAP Logon shortcut on the desktop and in the user's start menu.  I have used the following method to create the installer:  Using the uncompressed install files from gui720_0-10007878.exe which I unzipped and ran the NwCreateInstServer.exe to create new SAP server.  I created a package using the  NWSAPSetupAdmin.exe.  I then updated the server with the following patches: 

  • gui720_7-10007878.exe
  • bi720sp04p_402-20006596.exe
  • bw350gui720_6-20006857.exe

I ran a check on the server and it shows that each patch and files were OK.  The release numbers also changed.  I then compressed the package into a single exe file and ran it on a Windows 7 32b VM that had Office 2010, Flash, Java, etc. on.  I had selected the following components within the package, SAP GUI for Windows 7.20 (Comp 1), Engineering Client Viewer 6.0, BW 3.50 Add-On for SAP GUI 7.20, KW Add-on for SAP GUI 7.20, SAP Automatic Workstation Update and Business Explorer.  I've tried eliminating the Automatic Workstation Update but still get the same results.  I'm working on VM machines and can revert to clean OS after each install.  I had created a package for another business unit in the company that was SAP GUI 7.20 Patch 10 without any difficulty.  Please help me understand what is causing the shortcuts for SAP Interactive Excel, SAP Logon, and R3 Add-On  shortcuts to be missing even though their exe files are installed.  Log files report success and running NWCheckWorstation.exe also reports that all files are installed.  Thank You!