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Changing Profit center in MM01

Joseph Vijay
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While i try to change the Profit center system throws error

There are still open purchase order items or scheduling agreements


Message no. MM326


If i make this error message as warning, does it show any impact.........Becoz our material master now have wrong profit center assigned....My FI guy is ready to transfer the balances to the correct Profit center...


After transfering if i try to change the Profit center system throws error like above said....Please suggest..

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    Bijay Kumar Barik
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    Error clearly says what you need to do! Actually profit center flow from master data( material master) to any transaction you carry out.


    Close all purchase order or scheduling agreement by completing all related transaction.( like  GR, Invoice and payment )  Or if business needed just put deletion flag to the line items in purchase order or scheduling agreement.


    After above,you can change the profit center in material master.



    Biju K

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    with EhP5 an additional check for changing the profit center was
    introduced for purchase orders. This new check is done as the plant
    data already exists and you want to change the profit center from
    initial to the new value. It's now the same check like changing the
    valuation class on the accounting view.
    (In order to change valuation class in the material master, you have to
    make sure that none of the following exist in you system:

    1  Valuated stocks in the current period or in the previous period
    2  Open purchase orders or delivery schedule lines
    3  Production orders for which a goods movement has already
        taken place

    Please read the note 102653.
    By this correction the system checks all dependant purchase documents
    without delete flag and error M3368 occurs when it finds at least one
    not deleted po item (not only when stocks exist) !

    1. First be sure that no stocks in actual AND previous period exist !
       see note 30656, with an example how to get zero stocks.

    2. SE16 ->table EKPO. Select all po items of the related material.
       If you find items with LOEKZ <> 'L' you have to delete them in

    3. SE16 ->table AFPO. Select all items of the related material/plant.
       If you find at least one item, change of val.clss. is not possible.
       You have to archive these production order(s) (see note 146241).

    This hard restriction is necessary as inconsistencies in account
    assignment will follow after change of val.cass, when proceeding
    follow up functions of a po item before and after changing valuation

    So, all depending purchase order items of this material/plant have to be
    marked for deletion in tx ME22/ME22N, also when they are old and
    completely delivered and invoice check is performed.

    To avoid an error message (MM326) you are able to change the customizing
    settings as described in note 160970.

    As a possible workaround you can use this note by proceeding a warning

    message MM326 only. But read the instructions carefully before you

    decide to apply this note.

    The system checks against PO items without marks for deletion and gives

    error M3368. If you really want to change the valuation class or the

    profit center although there are such purchase orders, you can do this

    this when the message MM326 is customized as warning.

    This can be done only for your own responsibility.



    Nadia Orlandi