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Web Channel Builder Enhancement Questions.

Alejandro Aquiahuatl Garcia
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Hi dear experts.


We are using Web Channel Experience Management 1.0 and NetWeaver Developer Studio 7.3 SP05 PAT0003, we have achieved to extend the JEE application and the Web application for the Shop and the Web Channel Builder.


Currently we are trying to make an enhancement to our Web Channel Builder application, until now we have made enhancements over some web channel modules by following the development guides, but when we tried to apply the same concepts to the WCB Development Components, we saw that there are differences like missing module structure on the WCB application or the Dynamic UI components that are displayed on it, also we have reviewed the Development and Extension Guide: Application-Specific Information SAP® Web Channel Experience Management 1.0 document, that explains at the point 1.6 Product Catalog on page 45 an extends example, however we are not so sure if the steps described on it would apply to our requirement.


We need WCB to make an RFC call and retrieve a list (not related to a Catalog or MDM), then for each element from that list we have to show a check box, and then for every selected check box we need to display over our Web Shop application a combo box that contains those selected options.


As we are very new on this, first of all. Is it possible to make this Web Channel Builder enhancement? if so, where can we found more detailed information to achieve this? because the SAP development guides doesn't provide enough and clear information.


Please if you have any suggestion or observation let us know.

Thank you very much.

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    Ralf Detzler
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    Hi Alejandro,


    I see 2 approaches to implement the requirement:


    Approach 1

    You create an own module with external configuration. In that case, you can implement arbitrary functionality and an own UI which is shown in Web Channel Builder. External configuration means, data is stored in configuration as user defined xml data. The configuration of the themes in module uicomponentconfig is implemented in that way.


    Approach 2

    You create an own module or you extend an existing one and implement a multivalue property that is filled by a value help with helpValuesSearchPreload="true". The value help displays the list with checkboxes and let you select multiple entries. The selected entries are stored in the configuration of the module as multivalue property.


    For both approaches you can read the stored values from the configuration during runtime and fill a combo box with them.


    I hope that helps you to find a solution for your requirement.


    Best Regards

    Ralf Detzler