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EHP4 to EHP6 upgrade on MAXDB

Vijay kumar gopal
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Hi All,


I am working on the preparation for the upgrade for one of our customer.  I have done the enough research with upgrade / master guides and also the PAM. But I would like to get confirmation / suggestions from you people about my understanding


Current landscape : RHEL5 X86_64 , MAXDB as 7.6 / SP for BASIS 701 SP8 / EHP4 - Unicode

Planned Landscape : EHP6


Hence I understood from PAM / SUM upgrade guide that for EHP6

Prerequisites from OS and DB are : RHEL6 and MAXDB 7.9 ( Need to meet this prerequisites before initiating the EHP6 upgrade )


But the bad part is for EHP4,  it supports RHEL6 and MAXDB version as 7.8 and it will not support 7.9 - So, I am in a position not to start the EHP6 upgrade immediately. Because we cannot meet the prerequisite for EHP6 upgrade (i.e Current Landscape wont support 7.9 MAXDB version)


In this case, Do I need to go for the interim upgrade ( Like going to EHP 5 and then to EHP 6). Will this be the only possible I guess - based on the guides / PAM.


So the sequence has to be


Upgrading : OS to the level from RHEL5 to RHEL 6 and DB ugprade from 7.6 to 7.8 ( May be we could combine together by doing export / Import - If we are doing an hardware migration - Considering my case, The DB size is high and hence the system copy it would be not an option, instead we planned to go for in place upgrade ) --> So, first OS will be ugpraded and then DB will be upgraded


Upgrading : EHP4 to EHP5 ( To the latest level ) -- > But wondering even EHP5 is not supporting 7.9 MAXDB ( According to PAM) .. So do i need to go to EHP5 or rather I go to EHP6 ugprade directly.


Wondering how this could be possible or My understading is wrong with respect to the supported version


In addition to the guides + PAM, the notes which I referred are :  817463 , 1142632.




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    Ratnajit Dey
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    You are right .


    It will not be possible to go from EHP4 to EHP6 directly.


    Also you will have to 2 db upgrades ( 7.7 -->7.8 (EHP5) -->7.9 (EHP6))


    You can upgrade the OS to RHEL6 either on the EHP4 or EHP5 .


    But the question remains if db can be upgrade to 7.9 from 7.8 on EHP5 before upgrade to EHP6.


    Raise an SAP OSS message for this.




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      Vijay kumar gopal
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      Hi Ratnajit,


      In that case, if the current landscape supports 7.9DB version ( May be after confirmation from SAP), then there is no need for me to go to EHP5.


      Rather I can go directly to EHP6 ( When OS and DB prerequisites are met)


      Note : Raising a OSS message in parallel


      Hi Sunny,

      CONF files stating upto EHP4 and hence I am more reluctant to correlate the same with EHP6 upgrade. However raising a OSS message will be more appropriate I guess.




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        Vijay kumar gopal
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        Hi Ratnajit / sunny,


        As we discussed both EHP4 and EHP5 is not supported for 7.9 but its an upgrade, SAP agreed for an support on 7.9 with EHP4 / EHP5 ( But inconistency may come on CCMS). Hence as a prerequisite complete testing has to be done on test system.  This what SAP replied via OSS message.


        In that case, below will be the sequence


        1. DB upgrade from 7.6 to 7.9 on the current landscape which is EHP4 / SP8 for Basis

        2. OS upgrade from RHEL5 to RHEL6 

        3. Using SUM will updgrade from EHP4 to EHP6 directly. ( Because the prerequisites will be met with respect to OS / DB )


        I believe this will be the sequence


        Note : We are not planning for system copy here ( Could combine OS / DB upgrade together as one downtime ) but we planned and opt to go for the above sequence - considering other factors


        Indeed, we are doing DB upgrade activities as first activity because for RHEL6 prerequisite for MAXDB is 7.7.




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    Sunny Pahuja
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    It is possible to upgrade from EHP4 to EHP6 keeping your database version on same release and after upgrade to EHP6, you can upgrade your database to 7.9 version. please check SAP note 1142632. Please find below extract from this note:


    Update the CONF files for dual-stack SAP systems and ABAP-only SAP systems.


    EhP: SAP NetWeaver 7.0 Enhancement Package 1, SAP ERP 6.0 Enhancement Package 3 and Enhancement Package 4.
    If you plan to remain on MaxDB 7.6 for these Enhancement Packages, you must update the CONF files after you unpack the SAPehpi.
    Unpack the SAR package CONFLST.SAR that is attached to this note. To do this, use the following command:
    Copy the files CONF_PRE.LST, CONF_UPG.LST, and CONF_NEW.LST to the subdirectory /bin of the SAPehpi and overwrite the files with the same names that exist there.
    If you do not do this, the system issues the following error message during the CHECKS phase:
      ERROR> DB version "7.6..." out of range (too low).




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      Daniel Lippmann
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      I have to correct you, you misread the SAP note. You can leave MaxDB version if you upgrade to ERP 6.0 EhP3 or 4, but you must upgrade MaxDB to 7.9 if you intend to upgrade your ERP 6.0 to EhP6. In the same note SAP says:


      For SAP kernels and SAP Products for which there is no general release of the

      MaxDB version required for the SAP target product version, an EhP special

      release of this MaxDB version is declared. In other words, to execute the

      Enhancement Package Installation, the operation of the SAP start product version

      is released with the required MaxDB version. Note that errors may occur if you

      use CCMS (Computing Center Management System).




      MaxDB Version equal to or higher than required for:

      - SAP ERP 6.0 EhP6

      - SAP SCM/SRM/CRM 7.0


      - SAP NW 7.0 EhP3


      So the intended way is to run SUM to the end of CHECKS phase, upgrade MaxDB and complete the upgrade. All old SAP ERP versions where there is an upgrade path to EhP6 will be supported by SAP.


      I can verify that this works, I just upgraded dev system and am upgrading prod now.