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WBS Settlement to COPA

anulekha thagarath
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Dear SAP experts,


We have Engineer to Order scenario.

We made WBs element and the we assign the wbs to a Sales order.

In every month end , we settle the wbs to COPA so we can get the revenue and cogs value.

But, I have a problem.

During settlement wbs to copa, sales order number is not filled in copa characteristic.

How is this happen?

The wbs already assign to a sales order.

Kindly help me.


Tq very much.


Best regards

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    Surya Varma
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    Dear Anulekha,


    I think in T Code KEQ3(Distributioin Level Characteristics) Sales Order is with the Radio button "Not Used".


    Best regards


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      anulekha thagarath
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      I already change it from not used to Cost+acct based.

      But when I try to re-settle the wbs, it still give same result.

      Sales Order field is still empty.

      How can I fix it?



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        Ajay Maheshwari SAP Trainer
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        Hi Anu


        Please do not switch on the Sales Order in KEQ3.. you will be in a bigger mess


        Moreover, when you settle WBS, Sales order # wont be populated in COPA because WBS element does not contain sales order.. Its the sales order which is linked to WBS


        So, in my opinion, you need to use method "enhancement" in KEDR and use exit COPA0001 to code the desired situation


        br, Ajay M

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          Hi Ajay,


          Can you please elaborate more on this? I have some revenue elements and some cost elements in WBS. I want to settle it to COPA. I have created 2 value fields PS revenue and PS cost.


          When I settle WBS with costs, it is settling to COPA but when I settle any WBS with revenue, nothing is settling to COPA. It ends only to the upper level WBS.


          or If you can throw light on how should I derive the enhancement rule, it will be very helpful.





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    Jose Reddy
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    Hi Anulekha and Omkar


    Please find the link below, where one of the member has solved the same kind of problem using IMPLICIT ENHANCEMENT, where she mentioned that user exit COPA0001 was not helpful.









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    Waman Shirwaicar
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    Hi Anulekha,


    If a settlement rule for a WBS element is created with transaction CJB2 the profitability segment number of this settlement rule only contains the COMMON data of ALL sales orders belonging to the WBS element (that are the sales orders with this WBS element as account assignment object). so that the sales order number for example will not be filled in the profitability segment number of the settlement rule if there is no sales order assigned to the WBS element concerned or if there are

    If the WBS element is assigned to 2 or more sales orders the sales order will not be filled in the PA segment of the settlement rule.


    As per note 332909:
    Within function 'Automatic generation of the settlement rule', the sales and distribution documents assigned to a WBS element are read and their master data are used for result account assignment during the derivation of the characteristics. Here, sales and distribution documents of the
    following category are taken into account

        o  Quotation                (category  B)

        o  Order                    (category  C)

        o  Contract                 (category  G)

        o  Free order               (category  I)


    If the sales order has a different category then it will not be considered.