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Any mechanism to match input and output serial numbers in a production Order

Syed Aleem
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Hi Forum,




Let the input item be A and five of them serialized in stock are : A0001, A0002, A0003, A0004 and A0005


Let the output item to be produced be Z  if two are produced then  : Z0001, Z0002


Assume manual issue as it is serial item.


A production order takes a BOM with serialized items (can be 1 or many items ) and creates a serialized output item (single item). The planned quantity of production order could be 1 or many. In our example BOM1 takes single item.


For example BOM1  has single input item A.

Production Order planned is for 2 (output).


Issue of production order requires two input items from BOM1 (as we are producing two output items). Let's provide the two serialized input items as A0003 and A0001.


The Receipt/Completion of production order will ask for serial number.  Let's provide the two as Z0001 and Z0002.


Here is the problem:



How do we know which serialized input item belongs to which serialized output item? There is no mechanism to control the user to record which input serial went into which output serial.


We want to be able to trace back in case of failure which component has gone into which produced item.



Any suggestions how to accomplish this? If user defined tables is a solution where and how should it be linked?


Thank you all.