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setting expiry date check

adam evans
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Im a student on an internship with my sponser company and they have given me a project on shelf life management to complete. I know how to work SAP but im not too familiar with the WM functions so any help is much appreciated


I know i need to activate expiry date check in the material movement screen

I understand that I need a minimum self life in the material master


my question are

  1. how do i activate expiry date check for goods recipt only?
  2. I only want this check for cirtain goods. If i dont enter a minimum self life for some goods, will SAP only request an expirt date on the items that do have a minimum shelf life in the MM?

( also

      3) will this data be available for use if we later decide to use picking stratagy H?

      4) anything else i need to know? )


if you have a similar system in place id love to have a chat about it


Thanks In advance

Adam Evans

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    Ajit Kumar
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    you can do the configuration for plant and movement types for shelf life exp check in the config path Logistics general > batch management > shelf life expiration date.


    pl read the img documentation

    the settings possible are for plant and movement type. you need to check whether some workaround logic in the exits mentioned can restrict the check to certain materials

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    Manoj Karthik
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    First and foremost, Shelf Life has to be activated for the Plant for which you are planning to carry this out.


    This can be found under the path:


    IMG > Inventory Management and Physical Inventory > Goods Receipt > Set Expiration Date Check


    Choose Plant and flag the BBD/ProdDt indicator.


    For your Queries,


    1. Shelf life can be set to work only for the following Mvt Types:


    Under Configuration


    IMG > Inventory Management and Physical Inventory > Goods Receipt > Set Expiration Date Check


    Choose Movement Type and place an option accordingly as shown below:




    2. SLED will work only for materials, for which you maintain the SLED details in the Plant Data/Storage 1 view, like the  Min. Rem. Shelf Life and Period Ind. for SLED.


    3. Yes, if you're meaning to use FIFO/LIFO strategies this will be available.


    4. Under the path:


    IMG > Inventory Management and Physical Inventory > Define Attributes of System Messages


    Choose Settings for system messages


    Here ensure that the messages are set as "Error" (if that's what is expected)


    12007Shortfall of &3 days against remaining shelf life in current item (&1 &2)
    12008Shortfall of &2 &3 against SLED in current item (&1)