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Having an issue with MRP and Issued Items on a Production Order

Rob Hoffman
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Hello All!


I'm having difficulty understanding why MRP is making a recommendation. B1 Version 8.82 PL:07


The situation:

We have a non-stocked purchased part, which we order only for demand, part # VS160X190X60. We currently have no inventory on hand of this part. There are no min/max/required inventory levels set. The part has a default warehouse. It has a 1-day lead time.


There is a production order that requires this part. We had ordered the part, per MRP last week to satisfy the order. The production order is in Release mode. The part has come in, has been received and issued to the production order. If we check the order, it shows 1 needed, and 1 issued.


When I run a new MRP, it still recommends I order 1 piece of the item # VS160X190X60. If I go to the pegging data, it shows a demand of 1 piece for the above production order. If I go into that production order, I see the part has been issued (same as above).


Any thoughts on why the demand would still be in MRP even though the part was issued to the production order and the demand (presumably) was satisfied?


(Update) We just completed and closed the production order and re-ran MRP. The demand is still there. What are we missing?


Best Regards,

-Rob H.