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RNIF Adapter with attachments

vk k
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HI All,


I am trying to develop an interface from ECC to 3rd party via proxy to RNIF adapter.

From ECC, I am also getting attachments with the message payload. The attachments are converted to base64 before I receive so i cannot view them in PI. I am using the PIDX message at the target side.  I am using one Business System without party for ECC and One business component under one party for the 3rd party system. I have configured RNIF 2.0 and I have also configured all the parameters in URL, keystores. When I am executing the interface, the message is successfully executed. Even the RNIF adapter has a log which says the message is  successfully delivered. But the 3rd party doesnt receive any message instead they just see some traces of messages where the file type is unknown,and all properties are unknown.

-->Is there any specific configuration required in Communication channel ?

-->Is there anyway to increase the trace level in PI in Java stack to view the PIDX message before sending it to 3rd party ? I mean the RNIF adapter's output ?

-->I have done header mapping with the business system names.Is there anything specific to check here?