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MDG-C and MDG-S error when creating change request

Aditya Renaldi
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Hello mdg expert,


I have MDG-C and MDG-S activated in my system,


Before i activated MDG-S, the proses creating change request in MDG-C its doing good,

but when i activated MDG-S in the same system, the proses creating change request MDG-C in web UI its getting error when pressing the enter button,

the error is like below :


Category           ABAP Programming Error

Application Component  CA-MDG-APP-SUP

Date and Time      15.08.2012 11:02:40


Error analysis

    The statement

       "MOVE deepStruc1 TO deepStruc2"

    requires the operands "deepStruc2" and "deepStruc1" to be compatible.

    Compatibility means equivalence in the context of

    ABAP/4 type checking.


    In this case, the condition is not satisfied: The operand "deepStruc2" has the

    the type "CVIS_EI_EXTERN" and the length 11784, but the operand "deepStruc1"

     has the type "MDG_BS_BP_S_ECC_EXTERN"

    and the length 4096.


System environment

    SAP Release..... 731

    SAP Basis Level. 0002


    Application server... "sapehp6"

    Network address...... ""

    Operating system..... "Linux"

    Release.............. ""

    Hardware type........ "x86_64"

    Character length.... 16 Bits

    Pointer length....... 64 Bits

    Work process number.. 9

    Shortdump setting.... "full"


    Database server... "sapehp6"

    Database type..... "ORACLE"

    Database name..... "AB1"

    Database user ID.. "SAPSR3"


    Terminal.......... ""


    Char.set.... "C"


    SAP kernel....... 720

    created (date)... "Aug 15 2011 20:19:20"

    create on........ "Linux GNU SLES-11 x86_64 cc4.3.4 use-pr101110"

    Database version. "OCI_112,, V1, default"

Patch level. 100

Patch text.. " "


Database............. "ORACLE 10.1.0.*.*, ORACLE 10.2.0.*.*, ORACLE 11.2.*.*.*"

SAP database version. 720

Operating system..... "Linux 2.6"


Memory consumption

Roll.... 0

EM...... 62847120

Heap.... 0

Page.... 16384

MM Used. 58934424

MM Free. 3907256


Can someone tell me whats wrong with my system? or MDG-C and MDG-S cannot be in one system?

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    Michael Theis
    Currently Being Moderated



    MDG-C and MDG-S can run side-by-side in a single system. This is actually working fine in our local systems.


    W/o system access it's hardly possible to tell what is wrong with the system. Options are:

    • Check the data model BP. Maybe some post-processing steps after the activation were not done or have failed.
    • Check for notes in that area - there might be some. If you don't want to apply the notes step-by-step, try to apply the latest SP.


    Best regards