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Strange Login process.  And "Unauthorized" for the "Contact Us" Link?!

Jana Neujahr
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I have two problems, maybe the second is due to the first.



While registration to SCN (in June) I had some problems, so I used my mail adress for two different attempts to register. Now there's a strange behavior during login.

I click on "Login" on top of the SCN site. I enter my e-mail and password. Then I seem to be logged in as my first-try-name "Mister_Mitbewohner". When I click on that name to get to my contents, I get to the "Jana Neujahr" page, but not logged in! There's always "Login to learn more about..". When I click on "Login" then, I don't have to enter name and password again and THEN I'm logged in as Jana Neujahr (username jana.neujahr).

Why is it so complicated? Is it possible to refactor the data?



I tried to contact SCN, but clicking on the link at bottom of every page, I only get: "UNAUTHORIZED Access to this place or content is restricted. If you think this is a mistake, please contact your administrator or the person who directed you here."


What's the problem with that? My only solution was to ask here... :-/


I appreciate every help.


Kind regards