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Crystal & Raiser's Edge: show different proposals for same constituent?

Carolyn Averill
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I'm trying to create a usable projection report of all prospective donors (for whom a proposal has been entered) within Crystal reports that ultimately can be exported as an excel doc. I want it to be a snapshot of the info in their proposal tab (Proposal Name, Date Asked, Amt Asked, Date Expected, Amt Expected, Rating, etc) and will also have the solicitor listed so that we can quickly see how the year is shaping up.


Here's the tricky part - some of these constituents have two proposals for this year because they give a monthly automatically recurring gift. So that proposal has a rating of 90% because it's highly likely that we will receive that gift. But I plan to ask them to increase their giving. So I make a second proposal for the amount of the amount I plan to ask as an increase, which we basically say has a 20% likelihood of being given since they've given previously, but we just don't know until we ask.


When I pull exports, you can see this information but it's all on the same row. Not clean and easy to sort and find sums of various columns. Essentially, I want to see the exact same information but for two separate proposals that 1 individual may have.


So I want to make a Crystal Report that has, as an example:

- Jane Doe : Proposal 1 : Proposal 1 info

- John Smith : Proposal 1 : Proposal 1 info

- John Smith : Proposal 2 : Proposal 2 info

- Peter Carter : Proposal 1 : Proposal 1 info


It seems like it should be a simple solution - a conditional sort of action that says if a constituent has two sets of information, then export both sets, one after the other.


I'm not insanely well versed in Crystal by any means, so any help you might offer would be GREATLY appreciated!