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SAP GRC AC 5.3 Risk Terminator Configuration.

Arunachalam Arunachalam
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Hi Guru,


can any one guide me on how to configure Risk Terminator in back end system (ECC)...for GRC AC 5.3




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    Yukti Sharma
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    Hi Arun,


    The SAP Adapter is a continuously running interface between Risk Analysis and Remediation

    and the SAP back-end system where the SAP Adapter is defined. The SAP Adapter enables realtime

    analysis in the Risk Terminator.

    Whenever Risk Terminator is triggered in the SAP back-end system, data is transmitted to the

    SAP Adapter and, subsequently, to Risk Analysis and Remediation. The SAP Adapter performs

    the risk analysis and sends the results back to the Risk Terminator.


    Note: In AC 5.3 Support Package 8 if the J2EE is restarted the SAP adapter will restart

    automatically once the system is back up. If a back-end system utilized by the adapter is

    shutdown, the adapter will not automatically start. In the instance of a back-end connection loss,

    please login to RAR and under Configuration > SAP Adapter verify connection is active, and if

    necessary, reactivate manually.


    Steps for SAP Adapter creation and activation:

    1. Create TCP/IP connector with registered program. (Set to Unicode if system is Unicode.)

        Note: SAP Connector on front-end should have same Program ID as the RFC connector

        on the back-end!

    2. Set up /VIRSA/ZRTCNFG with name of RFC created in SM59 (above). Note: For these

        RFCs to work properly, it is also necessary that the Program ID, specified as the

        registered server program for these RFCs in SM59, should also be registered in Visual


    3. Create connector in RAR.

    4. When you save the connector the SAP Adapter is automatically created in disabled state.

    5. Activate connector.

    6. Then test connection in SM59 .


    Also, please refer the SAP note:-