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Overtime in Positive Time

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We are in process of postive time implementation. Attendance will be pulled from time machine into IT2011.

Need to know, how to handle in case the employee works overtime ?

The business process, approval process, rate calculation.


Thanks in advance

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    Siva Prasad
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    Hi SAP ,


    You  have to write a custom rule both Time and PY side and

    A Common methods are compare actual times vs the work schedule IT2002, IT2011 against the the planned hours in IT0007, Then using T510S to generate the relevant overtime wage types.


    Time mgt side :

    1)Overtime is assigned processing type M, planned working times processing type S. Specific wage types for planned working time and overtime can then be selected on the basis of the processing type.

    Processing types are S(Plnned work time) and M (OT). and query in rule VARSTVTYPE.


    The function P2005 imports the overtime data (number of hours or clock times) from the OT infotype. They are written directly to TIP and assigned processing type M.

    2)Determining overtime from clock times

    3)Determining overtime from attendance hours (

    You can use constants in table T511K (Payroll Constants), the planned working hours in the daily work schedule and so on as comparison values.)


    Overtime approval

    Another factor which must be taken into account when determining overtime is the overtime approval. Here, the system checks if the employee is permitted to work overtime, and if yes, determines the number of hours permitted. This check is performed only if an overtime approval is required.

    The following approval procedures can be used:

    • Standard overtime approval

    In the case of standard overtime approval, employees do not require a special approval for overtime work. Standard overtime approval can be granted on the basis of the following factors:

    • General overtime approval for all employees using personnel calculation rule TO16.
    • Standard overtime approval, which is based on the daily work schedule. You can grant standard overtime approval by activating the Automatic overtime field in table T550A (Daily Work Schedules).
    • Standard overtime approval for individual employees based on the Time Recording Info infotype (0050). In time evaluation, the value of the Standard overtime field in infotype 0050 can be processed with personnel calculation rule TO10.
    • Overtime approval for individual employees.
    • The function GOT compares the attendance quotas from infotype 2007 with the time pairs in table TIP.

    Payroll End :

    1.Maintain Time Wagetype Selection(V_T510s).

    2. Run Time evaluation. So that Time Wagetype will be sent to ZL table.

    3. Main Valuation base in v_512w_b.

    4. Make sure that for basic pay, Processing class 1 is maintained accordingly.

    5. Run Payroll. so that Time Wagetype will be valuated.


    Check the payroll log under XT00 .




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    Siva Prasad
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    check de below link for your easy understand..





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    Rajasekhar Reddy
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    There are ways in generating Overtime in SAP.


    You can directly generate Overtime from Time Evaluation (PT60) and pass the entries to payroll using operation ADDZL.


    If you dont want any approval process, based entries in IT2011 we can generate OT checking Processing Type M (M means Overtime) if any entries are filled with processing type these results we can directly update it to payroll.


    Else one more options using T510S table.


    Else if Overtime you want go with approval process , then create subtype in IT2002, as Overtime, the same can be called in ESS, employee have to apply everyday and it will go for the manager , once manager approves we can update the same to payroll.


    Else you can use CATS for Overtime  here also  we can give options of entering Overtime Daily , Weekly, Bi-weekly. Once employee apply it will go for the approval process.Once manager approves we can update it to payroll.




    Raja Sekhar