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GRC 10 user/Role level conflicting actions

Koteswara Rao
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We are running user level and role level risk analysis and getting SOD violations report.


Report is giving list as mentioned in the below.But report is not giving exact conflicts like what Tcode is exactly conflicting with what is exact other Tcode.


Here it is showing Access Risk ID,if we open this then it will show the two function which are associated with that Access Risk ID.Here we need to dig to find out exact conflicts.



Role Name


Access Risk ID


Rule ID


Risk Level










In 5.3,we were able to get violation report as mentioned below and it has Conflicting Actions details and it provides exact conflicting Tcodes details.







Conflicting Actions


Risk Description




Business Process


We are using GRC 10 SP08


Can you please check and advice if we have any option to get Conflicting Action details in GRC 10 user level and role level risk analysis.


Thanks & Regards,

Koteswara Rao.

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    Japneet Singh
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    Hi Koteswara,


    You get the details of thje conflicting Tcode in 10.0 as well. Under the Action Tab of the result of the report

    you get the list of confliciting Action's.


    consider for example you have the following result in the report



    Rule ID


    Risk Level






    0001                                          HIGH                                                    ABC                                        SU01

    0001                                          HIGH                                                    ABC                                        PFCG

    0002                                          MEDIUM                                             ABC                                        SM59

    0002                                          MEDIUM                                             ABC                                        SE16


    Here the action's SU01 & PFCG are the conflicting action  and together they make a risk whose Rule ID is



    Similarly the Conflicting  Action's SM59 & SE16 whose rule Id is 0002 make a risk.


    If you want to check which Tcode are Conflicting,Just refer to the Rule ID .The Rule Id for every Risk is



    I hope this will help




    Japneet Singh

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      Jay Jay
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      Hello Japneet,


      I have been told it is also possible to get a column called "Conflicting Actions" which give you for instance two Transaction codes (Actions) in conflict in the same column.

      Does anyone know how to get this column in the Risk Analysys report at the User Level?

      I tried differents options within my report but I could not find this useful informaton.

      Thank you in advance