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How to configure NWDS 7.3 and deploy portal component application to SAP Portal 7.3

Maruthi Purnachandra Rao
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Hi all,


I am looking for information on How to configure NWDS 7.3 and deploy custome ( EAR ) application from NWDS 7.3 to SAP Portal 7.3.


My system  configuration details for SAP AS JAVA in navigation path are as follows


WIndow -> Preference -> SAP AS JAVA


Instance Host Name   : Provided Fully qualified Domain Name
Instance Number        : 1

Add to Domain           : Default
Use HTTPS               :checkbox selected


Our portal is configured with HTTPS prfix . Also please note that I am not using Developement Componets i.s DC. I am just wring only local applications.


I have developed a sample application and want to deploy and test it in portal . My deployment log for Deployment View Console is has the bellow error


Could not retrieve deployment system configuration for PA3. Please check if the system is running. [ERROR: Sep 15, 2012 8:33:48 PM /userOut/daView_category (eclipse.UserOutLocation) [Thread[Worker-22,5,main]] ]

Retrieve deploy mechanism for system null [INFO: Sep 15, 2012 8:33:48 PM /userOut/daView_category (eclipse.UserOutLocation) [Thread[Worker-22,5,main]] ]


Could some one help me how to come accross this problem


Appreciate your help