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RFZALI20 Supress Bank Details on Header

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Hi, Is there a way to suppress the Bank details on the Payment List with program RFZALI20? Currently it displays Vendor address and Vendor Bank details on the header level of output. If I suppress by 0 in maximum number of address lines, The address & bank details both are suppressed.


Is there a workaround just to suppress the Bank details and display Vendor address?




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    Anusha Gopalakrishnan
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    In transaction FBZP - select "payment methods in country", choose your payment method and hit the eye glasses.


    In that screen  "Change View Payment method/ Country Details" under the section Required Master record specifications, Uncheck the flag for "Bank Details".


    Once that is done, the program  RFZALI20 will only display the Vendor name and address and no Bank details.


    Let me know if this helps.