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Capacity Usage in MMR

karan kaul
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Hi Experts,


I am not getting the exact purpose of "Capacity Usage" field which we define in Material Master ?


If the Total capacity of bin is 100 & capacity usage is 11 .


I am placing 9 pcs of material in bin 01-01-01(Total capacity =100).


So now what will be remaining qty ?


Does the capacity usage = weight of each material ?


Please post your opinion.



  • Capacity Usage in MMR
    Juergen L
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    capacity usage is a neutral  figure, it has nothing to do with the weight.

    for weights you have extra fields in material master and bin master.


    just imagine you have a bin where you can store any kind of materials, lets assume a container, a 200 kg drum and a 10 liter pail.

    in this bin you can store 5 container, or 20 drum or 100 pails


    Material C is in container, material D is in drums and material P is packed in pails.


    now you have to define the capacity for the bin, lets make the capacity 1000,


    how many capacity usage do you have for one container? 200, because 5 Containers will fill the space. you enter a usage of 200 in material master C

    how many capacity usage for 200 kg drum if 20 drum are the maximum for the bin? 1000/20=50. So you enter 50 as usage in your material master D

    for the pails it is 1000/100= 10 as usage in material master P.

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    Vijaya Bhasker Reddy Gujjula
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    As Jurger said, Capacity usage field is used to enter key figure and is unit less. This field is used in the following capacity check methods in WM


    1. Check based on the key figure of material

    2. Check based on the key figure of storage type

    3. Combnation of 1 and 2.





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    Juergen L
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    the capacity is a neutral figure, it is not necessarily weight related, the weight is a second component which may restrict you to putaway stock into a certain bin even you have capacity left.


    you probably know that gold is heavier than iron.

    assume you have a bin where the authorities allow only a maximum weight of 1000 kg per square meter

    otherwise the rack may break down.

    another bin, same size, is allowed to store 2000 kg per square meter.

    both bins are used to store both materials.

    assume further that the package size for gold and iron is equal, so it would consume the same amount of capacity.

    In that case you make use of the weight to control further.

    Whatever end is reached (capacity or weight) SAP will not allow you to store the material in that bin.


    If you understand and define the capacity as weight, then it is a redundand figure to the weight, which means you spend a lot work but did not get any other benefit than what you already have with the weight alone.

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      karan kaul
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      Hi Jurgen,


      Thank's a lot for your valuable demonstration.


      So that practice you will suggest for the above scenario ?


      I mean which capacity check method we have to adopt ?



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        Juergen L
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        Actually I do not really see a scenario, just a few values that do not explain much.

        I cannot make such a descision just sitting at my desk.

        I have to see the warehouse environment and  need  to know more about the products to make such a decision.


        there is big difference if you store chemicals that are packed in drums and containers right on the floor  compared to  storing technical spare parts like valves, pipes  and screws  in racks.


        as my spare parts materials usually do not have a weight in their material masters, it would not make much sense to go for weight

        howeverm if I would store chemical samples in those shelfs, I probably would use weight as it is easier to implement than neutral capacity

        and in our manual high rack storage for chemicals we use both, the weight mainly to avoid overloading the racks.