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PowerBuilder unsupported argument type in Oracle remote procedure

Sergey Lyashek
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Help me please. Use PowerBuilder 11.5.1.

I have Oracle stored procedure


 message  (  
      out_error OUT INTEGER,  
      client_absid IN INTEGER,  
      document_subject IN VARCHAR,  
      document_text IN VARCHAR,  
      document_attachedfiles IN FILEINF_T,  
      p_client_abs IN VARCHAR  )    
      attachedfiles_name VARCHAR(255)  , 
      attachedfiles_val BLOB        


I use local external function for call it

SUBROUTINE message ( ref long out_error, long client_absid,  string document_subject,string document_text, readonly fileinf_t  document_attachedfiles[], string client_abs) RPCFUNC ALIAS FOR "message"


Structure in PB:

 global type fileinf_t from structure  
     string        attachedfiles_name  
     blob      attachedfiles_val  
end type


In script:


FILEINF_T files[]  
FILEINF_T file  
file.attachedfiles_name = "test"  
files[1] = file  
this.message ( ref ll_return, pclient_absid, pdocument_subject,  pdocument_text,  files, pclient_abs)


I give error "Unsupported argument type in DLL function message at line 23 in function uf_ib_messagefile of object ub_ib6_transaction."