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VAT on Freight Condition

Amit Gampawar
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Hi MM Gurus,


We are facing one issue related on VAT on Freight.

As material is related  to excise.


We want


Base Price      : 1000

BED               :   120

ECS               :      2

SES                :      1


SubTotal         :   1123


Freight           :    100

SubTotal         :   1223

VAT  (5%)        :   56.15


G Total           : 1279.15

How to map this thing in SAP???..though Routine..


I have create one condition type for Freight  in pricing Procedure and one condition type in taxation procedure.


How to interlink this two condition through Routine.


We are using TAXINN procedure..





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    iglesis cherian
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    Hello Amit,


    VAT @ 5 % is calculated on Basic + ED or Basic + ED + Frieght?






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    Anjali Purihella
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    Hi Amit,


    You can remove the accrual mark in fright condition then the value of fright will be added to your net price then your requirement will be solved.


    Go to m/06

    select fright condition, then remove the accrual key in bottom of condition type.




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    Nilesh Kshatriya
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    hi Amit,

    Pls note below :

    - You have created fright cond.in MM prc. Its ok.

    - You have to create Three new cond. for TAX procedure.

          1 for  - VAT Calculation base-make the same statistical.

          2 for VAT % - Copy the same from JVRD.

          3 for Freight condtion charges which are as of MM pricing prc in cond. tab.

    -Do proper "classify condition type" setting for VAT condition.

    -You want to fetch the freight value in tax procedute to calculate VAT.

    For this you can do this in two ways

         - With routine - you have to  tell logic to Abaper for this to fetch value of Freight cond.to Tax prc conditon no. 3

         - W/O Routine - make a suse of :reference cond type " and "application" for tax prc condition 3. in OBQ1.


    - You can also make condition record for VAT condition in FV11.


    - Insert Ref. freight cond, base for VAT calculation & Final VAT calculation in tax prc.


    Hope this will help you.




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    Nitesh Gawas
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    Dear Amit,


    I understood your scenario. You want calculate Vat on base price + excise duty and Freigt amount also. You have to change your PO and tax pricing procedure.


    1)Create Freight conditions in PO pricing.

    2)Add the  freight condition in PO pricing procedure before NAVS condition.

    Assign subtotal routine 6 to freight condition.


    Tax Procedure.


    1)Same freigt condition create your TAx procedure. Which tax procedure u r using TAXINN or TAXINJ?

    2)Add the Freigt condition in tax procedure as stastical before JVRD and JVRN condition. No need to assign any routine here.

    3)Assigne calculation routine 510 and base routine 363 to your VAT contdition.



    Please check above setting. Your Scenario will definately work. If any issue, Please revert.




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    Ajit Kumar
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    Does your freight go to the same vendor as material? normally freight is vattable in India only if it is appearing in the invoice. remove the accruals, ( use freight type condition ) and in subtotals field enter 6. ( KZWI6). in mm pricing procedure. in tax procedure, your tax condion should have bas type 363 and calc type 370 for deductible and 371 for ND; attach 362 to BASB to fetch KZWI6

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      Amit Gampawar
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      Hi Ajit


      Very very thanks for guiding this issue..


      The solution which you told is exactly correct and working properly.


      The correct answer is


      Create new condition type for Freight (On which VAT is applicable).(Accural unticked)


      Put subtotal "6" for the condition type.


      In Taxation Procedure


      Attach 362 to BASB (Base Amount )in BasType.


      and For VAT condition type Viz JVRE and JVRD BasType "363"


      and CalType 370 and 371 for Deductible and non dedectible..


      now proper VAT is appearing in system.





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    Amit Gampawar
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    Can anyone tell anyone logic of Routine for above process?





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    GMK 03
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    Could you please guide me, i too have similar kind of concern.


    Here i wish to calculate the VAT % based on the only Fright value which is there in condition tab without adding other taxes.




    Freight Value in Conditon tab = 650 INR


    VAT 5% = 32.5 INR (Need to be displayed in Invoice tab, after calculating 5% VAT on 650 INR which is there condition tab)



    for this i used the below condition types....


    Attach 362 to BASB (Base Amount )in BasType.


    and For VAT condition type JVRD BasType "11" and CalType 370.


    please suggest me, how can i pick the fright amount (in condition tab) for calculating VAT % in Invoice tab. Thank you.