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BO Explorer BI4 on BWA 7.2 questions

Katsiaryna Hryshko
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Hello experts,


I am looking for help on BO Explorer on BWA topic. We are working on a PoC for BO Explorer 4.0 SP4 and the customer is considering using BWA 7.2 indexes for Explorer. We dont have BWA in place yet, but a lot of questions are raised:


1) Is it possible to have multiple environment on same BWA?

2) Do we need to add a dedicated blade to enable Explorer 4.0 SP4 on BWA?

3) Is it possible to trigger the Index scheduling for explorer/BWA from process chains?

4) Can large datasets with more than 1 million rows be indexed? “1 mln” was a limitation for BW7.1.

5) Do BW authorizations retain when indexing Query Snapshot?


Thanks in advance for your help!


  • BO Explorer BI4 on BWA 7.2 questions
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    1) BO Explorer can be on BWA at a same time you have BW

    2) no need if you have sufficient memory available

    3) Explorer has a index scheduling option on output so no need to do it using Process chain

    4) Explorer is mostly used for higher management reporting so its better to use it for a smaller dataset

    5) indexing authorization has no relation to BW authorization, it need to defined again when you create object in BWA.


    Hope this give some picture.



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      Katsiaryna Hryshko
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      Thanks al lot Ganesh,


      Its definitely helpful! Just wanted to clarify more the point 3 - the client wants to have a possiblity to trigger the BWA for Explorer indexing using process chains. Is it possible?


      Kind Regards,


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        M. Filiberto
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        Hi Kate,


        For Question 1:

        If you are refering to multiple BW productions systems: Yes it is possible (Memory + licensing is the limitation)

        If you are refering to have the Dev + QA + Prod BW system using the Same BWA Box -> Technically is possible but is not supported by SAP .


        For Question 2:

        No you do not need an extra Blade.  In the same blade(s) that you have your BW data (indexes) you could have the aditional information to make those indexes (or some of them) Explorer enable/capable.  There is a document of SAP that explain how to do that. 


        For Question 3: in the case that the exporer is referring to BWA index that is based on a BW Cube you do not required to index on Bo Explorer side.  For other scenarios I did not try.  I will need to run some tests in order to confirm for other scenarios. But if I am not mistaking, the reindex on the BO Explorer tool (BWA based) is required only when you change the definition of the infospace.


        For Question 4:

        A BWA system can handle 1.000.000 records and more perfectly well.   I am not aware of limitations in the past.  Our current configuration is BW 7.3 SP7 + BWA 7.2 Rev 25 + BO 4.0 SP5 P2.  The BWA solution is running on a IBM HX22 Blade system.  BWA is loaded with almost all the cubes that we have (more than 50) some of then containing 70 million records or more.  Now on the BO Explorer side we have a couple of infospaces runing on top of BWA indexes BO Explorer enable with 600.000 and 5.000.000 records aprox and so far is running fine in Laptops, IPads and IPhones (either through internal network WIFI connection or Telephone/data provider connection)


        For Question 5:

        For Explorer you need to maintain specifc authorization on top of the authorization that you already have in BW.  Depends on how you build your authorization model how easy or how complicated that extra effort could be.  The same applies for BO 4.0.


        If you have more questions or doubts please do not hesitate to ask.


        Kind regards,