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Runtime Errors         DBIF_RSQL_SQL_ERROR

achyuth kakarla
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Dear All,



When we upload the stock i am getting Runtime error

Error Text of the Database: "ORA-01438: value larger than specified precision

allowed for this column"

please find the attachment

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    Vimal SAP
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    Please refer the below notes.


    Note 591600 - Error due to inappropriate column values



    Why Error Occurs :



    ORA-01438: You want to write a number to a table, but the number has more whole number places than the column definition allows.



    SQL> create table test (zahl number(4,2));

    Table created.

    SQL> insert into test values(123);

    insert into test values(123)


    ERROR at line 1:

    ORA-01438: value larger than specified precision allows for this column

               Here, a column was defined with four places, but including two decimal places. Therefore it is not possible to use more than two whole number places. ORA-01438 therefore occurs with numbers greater than or equal to 100.

               However, if more than two decimal places were specified, Oracle rounds off automatically and no error would occur.



    Solution :



    In rare cases, an error such as ORA-01455 or ORA-01438 can also be triggered by inconsistencies in Oracle. You should therefore use "ANALYZE TABLE" to check the affected table in accordance with note 23345 (caution: the table is locked exclusively).

    Enter a value that complies with the numeric column's precision, or use the MODIFY option with the ALTER TABLE command to expand the precision.



    If the above suggestion didn't work ,Table S024 is a Logistics Stastics table, the users might have problems with Reporting. Better you need to log a message on SAPnet.



    I hope it helps.


    Thanks and Regards,



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    Sunny Pahuja
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    Check SAP note 591600.




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    Deepak Kori
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    Hi Achyuth,


    As per abap dump

    UPDATE s024 SET anzfa   = anzfa   + int_s024-anzfa

       791                     s_dlz   = s_dlz   + int_s024-s_dlz

       792                     i_dlz   = i_dlz   + int_s024-i_dlz

       793                     dlzab   = dlzab   + int_s024-dlzab

       794                     s_dfz   = s_dfz   + int_s024-s_dfz

       795                     i_dfz   = i_dfz   + int_s024-i_dfz

       796                     s_wtz   = s_wtz   + int_s024-s_wtz

       797                     i_wtz   = i_wtz   + int_s024-i_wtz

       798                     wtzab   = wtzab   + int_s024-wtzab

       799                     z_tab   = z_tab   + int_s024-z_tab

       800                     za_tab  = za_tab  + int_s024-za_tab

       801                     a_tab   = a_tab   + int_s024-a_tab

       802                     r_tab   = r_tab   + int_s024-r_tab

       803                     gmnga   = gmnga   + int_s024-gmnga

       804                     mgvrg   = mgvrg   + int_s024-mgvrg

       805                     lmnga   = lmnga   + int_s024-lmnga

       806                     abwmg   = abwmg   + int_s024-abwmg

       807                     asvrg   = asvrg   + int_s024-asvrg

       808                     xmnga   = xmnga   + int_s024-xmnga

       809                     abwas   = abwas   + int_s024-abwas


    Above statement is responsible for generating the dump. Could ask an Abaper to enable break point at this statement and check whether correct values are being passed. I feel some mismatch in value lenght is creating an issue.



    Deepak Kori

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    Roman N
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    Please read 1773797 - Dump RMCSS024 UPDATE_FROM_INT. Hope it helps you to resolve this issue.