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Salesforce vs SAP CRM

manas anugu
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Just curious about the big picture.


As salesforce speedily takes over the crm market, how will sap overcome this?


SAP has taken several initiatives such as quick deployment and on demand services, what is it that is still lacking when compared to salesforce?


Are there a lot of companies out there which use SAP as their erp and salesforce as their crm.. Is the seamless integration between salesforce crm and sap erp as good as sap crm and erp. What are advantages and dis-advantages of using salesforce with sap erp in place of sap crm..





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    Brad Hodson
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    While I can't necessarily tell you the differences between Salesforce and SAP and why those differences are causing a rift in usage, but I can tell you that both are are guilty of having software that is very difficult to get into.


    Both Salesforce and SAP are very cluttered systems, especially with all the data and addons that they push out. However, in one regard Salesforce does have a slight usability advantage over SAP and that is native and full cloud support. Cloud support is proven to give any software easier usability because there is no installation or maintenance.


    However, while it may seem like Salesforce is destroying SAP, the numbers you get are a bit skewed. Lest we forget, the CRM industry in general is plagued with bad adoption rates (less than 50% stick with it). It's just terrible, and it's because of software like Salesforce and SAP.


    The CRM systems that are changing this figure and showing markedly higher user adoption are ones like JobNimbus, Insightly, and Nimble. If anything, you should be asking why these software are winning out over more aged software with vastly longer feature lists?


    And the answer is: because they're simple.

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    Nathan Freitas
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    Hey there Manas,


    While I can't speak to the others, I do know we at Salesforce are laser focused on customer success. If you're looking for a great solution that integrates with SAP ERP, I think we do have it but would recommend you work with our sales teams to figure out what's best depending on your needs. Your needs will define the pros and cons of a solution.




    You're right, a lot of companies are using us in conjunction with their ERP. Come speak with us to find out why:)



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