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Roll on/roll off ships: Lane Meter

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A lane meter is a unit measurement of deck area for "roll on/roll off" ships. We have several contracts with sea carriers with rates in Lane Meters. Does SAP TM8.0 facilitate Freight Bookings with capacity in Lane Meters? Is it possible to do Charge Calculation with a rate per Lane Meter?


Can somebody advise on this kind of business scenario? Thanks, Arie van den Berg

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    Pushpendu Sarkar
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    Hi Arie,


    You can do this by creating a new calculation base and then enhancing the communication structure.  Once this is done, you can maintain a lane meter based rate. Also, the lane meter data should be available in the document and the communication structure should be filled with this information.


    Once this is done, the calculation should take place.


    One thing should be considered : I guess the lane meter would be a document level attribute ( which means that a deck area of X lane meters need to be charged). In that case the lane meter should be a root level attribute in the communication structure and the corresponding resolution base in the calculation sheet should be set to "root".


    Let me know if this helps.