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Connecting BusinessObjects (IDT) to Amazon Redshift

Josh Crawford
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We're running a PoC trying to demonstrate running an on-premise BusinessObjects BI4.0 platform against an Amazon Redshift back-end.  My understanding is that this should be possible, but we're running into stubborn error with little commentary available on the web.



BObj version BI4.0 SP4 Patch 5

PostgreSQL version 8.04.02


The problem is as follows...

  • Using the Information Design Tool, we can create a Relational Connection that tests successfully.
  • We can then define a Data Foundation.  But if we try to view any data through that Data Foundation, i.e. if we do anything that generates a query against the back end, the query will execute successfully once, but all subsequent executions throw the following error.

    Error executing query
    Error: Error while refreshing the data prover.

    Cause of Error
    ERROR: current transaction is aborted, commands ignored until end of transaction block; No query has been executed with that handle


Our suspicion is that this is a PostgreSQL AutoCommit issue.  In SQL Workbench, we can recreate and resolve this error with the AutoCommit flag.  However, in the IDT connection we've not been able to effectively leverage the AutoCommit command.  We've tried "SET AUTOCOMMIT = ON" as a ConnectInit parameter value, but with no luck.


Anyone have any bright ideas?