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SAP DMS Content Repository Configuration in OAC0

pavi Kiran
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Hello All,


Could any one explain me who is responsible person for the configuartion of Content Repository & Content server Administration i.e. /OAC0 Transaction in IMG?


Whether it is BASIS Administrator or it should be done by DMS Functional consultant? I need this information as I am a DMS functional consulatnt & I am not much sure how to do this configuration of DMS server.




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    Deepak Kori
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    Hi Pravin,


    Basis person installs the content server and configures the same in CSADMIN.

    Rest other configurations like OAC0, DC10, DC20 etc should be done by DMS consultant.



    Deepak Kori

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    Venkata Kuppili
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    Hello Pravin


    Here are the steps:


    Once the content server is installed,


    1) go to t.code OAC0 and click on edit

    2) click on Create for new repository

    3)I gave the below values for a UNIX based Content server and file system as HTTP Content server (Filesystem storage)


    Content Rep: Give the name


    Document Area: Choose the document area like DMS or Archivelink etc

    Storage type: Choose from the dropdown. I used 'HTTP Content server'

    Version: 0046

    HTTP Server: Give the hostname or IP address of the content server

    Port number: 1090

    HTTP Script: ContentServer/ContentServer.dll

    Transfer drctry: path of the cont rep root


    4) Save it and click on CS Admin button on the right


    5) You need to create the repository in the next screen

    Below values are for file system storage and Content repository as storage type:


    Storage         FileSystemStorage.dll

    ContRepRoot     /home/sapcs/contrep

    StorageDriver   FSStorage

    Security        1


    6) Click on Create.


    7) Exchange the certificates by clicking on send button and activate it by selecting


    8) Go back to OAc0 screen by backing out


    9) Check the ping (Test Connection)


    Also pls follow my earlier thread http://scn.sap.com/thread/3326307 for technical issues with test connection


    Hope this helps.



    Venkata Kuppili

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    Muhammad Jawwad
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    BASIS admin will configure the system for initial configuration of DMS i.e CSADMIN & OAC0 because Server IP and Port will be updated in OAC0 along with document area storage area