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Truncate table DFKKOPBW

Romy Sebastian
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Hello SAP Guru's,


I have an issue in my ECC system. My DFKKOPBW table huge and I have added couple of columns in this table for BW.


The import is taking forever and finally failed. I have no way to proceed without deleting entries from this table.


Is there any implication if I ask my database team to "truncate table DFKKOPBW"? I donot need any past data from this table.We are using Oracle database.


Please Help!




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    Ramanjaneyulu Korrapati
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    Hi Romy,


    When you won't need past data in future, then you can for deletion. before that cross check iwth users and once confirmed go for deletion.


    If any extrcators pulling data from this table to bw side or any ECC reports are used data from this table, those will impact.



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    Marc Bernard
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    Hello Romy,


    don't truncate the table. The proper way is to use to mark the extracts for deletion in transaction FPBWS and schedule the report RFKKOPBW_DELETE.


    Performance issues can occurs during marking and deletion of extracts. Please check if SAP Note 1427449 still needs to be applied.


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      marek lichtner
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      Hello Marc,


      Is there any way to automatically delete extracts? Or is it mandatory to manually mark the extracts in FPBWS?


      We face following issue:

      We would like to prepare and extract Open Items through RFKK_MA_SCHEDULER (mass activity OPBW). We use the process chain - run ABAP program with variant. The first run prepares data, but any following run on next day or week doesn't fetch any data (0 rows created). The only option is to delete the first extract and then we get the full Open Item extract.


      EDIT: by searching around SCN, I found solution in http://scn.sap.com/thread/203737 - program RFKKOPBWS_DELETE_MARK in Note 1112938.


      Thank you for any hint,