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SAP VIM by OpenText

sydney morley
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Hope you are doing fine while reading this email.


I am working now as an SAP VIM Consultant and I am currently working on a project that plans to take advantage of the VIM Solution by OpenText. As I know that you are the expert on this, it will be highly appreciated if you can provide your comments/references on the following:


1. Based on the last discussion that I had before with a Senior OpenText Consultant, ICC requires an invoice template for the automatic invoice field recognition to work properly. Is this still the case or has OpenText moved away with the template thing?


2. This will be dependent on the answer for the first question. If ICC still requires templates, will this affect the response time of the system to do the automatic recognition of invoices? I know that this will not have an impact but I just want to make sure on this.


3. I have seen a phrase in the OpenText documents about 'Full-text search'. Please let me know what does this mean?


4. With regards to the PO/invoice approval, can OpenText VIM link it to the HCM or is it still preferred to have the approval matrix?


5. For FI invoices (non-PO), is there a possibility to have it scanned and be routed to ICC for automatic recognition of fields? I know that ICC is mainly used for MM invoices (PO invoices), but I am not quite sure if the functionality can be used for FI invoices (non-PO).


6. Is there any preferred enterprise scanner hardware? If none, what is the most commonly used?


I hope you can find time to answer my questions as I really need it immediately. We are also checking the other VIM solutions (Readsoft, and there is another one that starts with a 'K'). But I am pushing for OpenText.


With kind regards,