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Re: Activity BD in auth. obj s_tabu_dis

Avinash Yadav
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Security Techies,


When i try to create a role using authorization object,


I found the activities 02-change, 03- display and BD in s_tabu_dis.


The found its description as Maintain object in non-owner system


But what is the activity used all about.


Could anyone explain me about this activity.



Thnx in advance.

  • Re: Activity BD in auth. obj s_tabu_dis
    vinod kumar
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    Using S_TABU_DIS authorization object we can restrict access to data in table entries defined in this object. User who wants to access the data has authorization for transaction SE16 (and therefore for all ABAP Dictionary objects). In this way, we can prevent system administrators from accessing application data. Once we implement this authorization object, only those table entries can be modified or displayed that have been given the appropriate authorization in S_TABU_DIS.


    DICBERCLS: Authorization group and ACTVT: Activity.

    DICBERCLS field contains the authorization for tables according to the authorization classes in table TDDAT


    ACTVT field contains the permitted operations. It can take the following value.02: Change (add, modify, or delete table entries) and 03: Display table content


    Note: SM30 is used to run the table maintenance generator which can be used to add new entries to the custom table. If no table maintenance generator is created for that table then this transaction can be used to create new entries and modify existing entries in the table.