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How to add side panel in a SAP standard FPM application ?

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Hi all,


I'm working on MDG which is heavily use FPM for UI.

I would like to enrich the display and add a side panel to display the attachements lists (from standard role SAP_BSSP_ILM_SIDEPANEL)of business partner (supplier) diplayed in MDG.

I work on NW 7.31 and side panel is working for transactions, so configuration look right.


I've been looking into SDN forums but nothing help me on how I can enable the side panel link in the BS_OVP_SP configuration( or copy of configuration) related to the standard application BS_OVP_BP.

I'm wondering if I start on the right level on the application or configuration...

Also, the strange thing is that BS_OVP_BP_CBA configuration of component BS_OVP_BP has a setting enables about side panel and use the configuration id "/BCV/SIDEPANEL_20" so why I can't see it ?


I also read the FPM includes natively the requirements on web dynpro side to add a side panel, so I'm looking for the correct way of activating it.

Does anybody already tried to add a side panel in a standard SAP FPM application ? ca you share with me your experience?




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    Gabriela de Pompignan
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    Hi Pierre, I have not done it in a standard, but in a custom.

    This code needs to be in the IF_FPM_GUIBB~INITIALIZE method of your feeder class to activate the side panel (use the relevant code depending on whether you have an OVP or other floorplan):


      ls_ri = lo_fpm->get_runtime_info( ).

      CASE ls_ri-floorplan.

        WHEN if_fpm_constants=>gc_floorplan-ovp.
          lo_cnr_ovp ?= lo_fpm->get_service( if_fpm_constants=>gc_service_key-cnr_ovp ).
            iv_text = lv_text
            iv_tooltip = lv_tooltip
            iv_active = abap_true ).

        WHEN OTHERS.
          lo_idr ?= lo_fpm->get_service( if_fpm_constants=>gc_service_key-idr ).
            iv_text = lv_text
            iv_tooltip = lv_tooltip
            iv_active = abap_true ).


    (example extracted from demo class CL_FPM_GUIBB_TEST_TAGGING_LIST used in application configuration FPM_TAGGING_TEST_OVP from demo package).

    Hope it helps.




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      Ulrich Becker
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      Hello together,


      i am not getting this to wok with the /BCV/SIDEPANEL_20 in a OVP FPM.


      All the layers in bcv have ben set, in a feeder at initailization the sidepanel-link has been added.

      Also the Conetx_key has been set to my conext Key, Meaning is defined and added to the appropriate field in ATS-List as Tag.


      2 Problems:

      1st: BCV-content :  sidepanel opens and shows assigned Overview, bu the assigned Query is not even called. ( Consistency check says the Query view would) not be assigned to a query, but it is. Only , i idn't define a search group yet ).

      ( Update: Wrong assumed way of function. Yoeu need to select a Line  and  manualy refresh in the side panel o Show the actual data.There is  no built-in refresh )


      2nd: As soon as i add the code to add the Side panel Link , i always get misleading errors when i open the List in configuration (pretending, there would not be a calid component descriptor. Removing the side-panel leads to normal function ).


      Any Ideas, what is wrong?


      Kind regards,




      p.s. forgot. i followed mainly:



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