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Problem with SAP FI-TV - Line release appears as "Selection in Progress" and the process, the system reports "Invalid Status"

Paulo Ricardo Cavalcante Damiao
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Good afternoon.


A few days ago, attended a user with the problem that the launch line appears as "Selection in Progress" and the process, the system reports "Invalid Status" in the transaction PRRW.


I'm just a trainee, but after much analysis I discovered the problem and decided to share here in case anyone has the same problem as I solve.



A user gave me the following prints:



After checking the prints above, I asked the user who selects the line with the status of "current selection" and then eliminate this line because this cycle there was no information. Soon after, I requested that executed the transaction PRFI again and informed me that the screen was showing, as this type of problem may occur when processing cycle trips are made ​​in bulk and some information is incorrect.


A user sent me the following prints:



According to the error messages as soon identified that the number of personnel was not a registered vendor in FI, which is a requirement for the process of Travel.


Requested that the user efetuasse or solicit the registration numbers of these personnel as providers and try the process again.


Problem solved.


Well folks, I have helped!


Thanks and big hug!




Paulo Ricardo Cavalcante Damião.


Trainee SAP FI Consultant at Indra.