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Item 001 WBS element PI/xxxx.aa/nnn budget exceeded

vitti deraldo
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When trying to release Invoice (MIRO) 391-1, PO # 4506266218 item 10 & 20, Amount 4.251,26, (tax amount 510,15), the following error appears:

“Item 001 WBS element PI/xxx.12/nnn budget exceeded” and detail: “In document item 001 WBS PI/xxxx.12/nnn budget for WBS PI/xxxx.12/nnn

for fiscal year 2013 was exceeded by 10.362,42 BRL”.

In trans code CJ31, the value “Assigned” is greater than "Budget" for 10.377,37 BRL.

Question > error budget was exceeded due to "Assigned" being greater than "Budget". What is the reason for this negative difference occur?

SAP OSS Notes 696362 and 178837 give clues about possible causes of the calculated values for Assigned. But we find no evidences for Project PI/xxxx.12/nnn to justify the value of Assigned in the S_ALR_87013558 reports and other transactions as

CJID> settlements made to the project> $ 236,540.46 USD & 457,672.96 BRL;

CJI3> Individual Real Costs> $ 34,289.31 USD & 69,909.96 BRL; and

CJI5> Individual commitment> $ 185,852.40 USD & 388,436.45 BRL.


I tried reconstructing the availability control using the transaction CJEN  but still not able to post the invoice


Can You please guide with this ?


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    vitti deraldo
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    I have to say that the budget error is justified and not the result of an error.

    The budget check for WBS element XXXXXX is happening on an annual basis.

    Which means that every fiscal years has it´s own budget.

    This can be achieved by executing the report RKAGJOBL in transaction SE38. Make sure that the flag "Incl commts with value zero" is set. This
    will make sure that the zero commitment of the purchase requisition will be forwarded to 2013 + 1.

    Please consider this incident as resolved and without any contribution received. Only through search solution in SAP Notes.