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Delta/full load from DSO1 to DSO2 setting in DTP

Pavneet Rana
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Hi to all,


Please can any one share some light on how to get delta/full data from one DSO to Other  DSO based on setting in DTP.



I am loading Delta/full data form Datasource to DSO1 and from DSO1 Delta Data moving to DSO2.


Just want to know how Extraction Mode (FULL/DELTA) and Delta Init. Extraction from


-          Active Table (with Archive)

-          Active Table (without Archive)

-          Archive (Full Extraction Only)

-          Change Log




In DTP setting work for DELTA/FULL Load from DSO1 to DSO2.


As per my understanding for delta load to DSO2 we will have from change log table of DSO1

And for full load to DSO2 we will have from active table of DSO2.


Am I right? Or we will have something else for DSO.


I shall be thankful to you for this.



Pavneet Rana