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Moving from Crystal Reports from one PC to another

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Our MIS staff has been using an old XP computer to use the Crystal Reports Scheduler on.  The hard drive on that machine is going bad.  And it has convinced them to move to the newest Crystal Report Server that we are installing on a VMWare Server.  But, with the hard drive going bad, we have been unable to get a good back up or clone the machine.  The software is working fine with exception of hanging at times.  They have several hundred reports scheduled on this machine.  We have tried to back up the system, clone the drive and P2V the system, all fail at the bad blocks area of the old XP machine.  So, our idea is to create another XP machine (I know, I know), and install the old version of hte Crystal Reports Scheduler on that machine and then move the Crystal Database files from that old machine to the new one, assuming the bad blocks do not stop us from doing that.  Will this work and what files do we need to transfer over from the old XP machine to the new (I know, I know) XP machine?  Or are there some instructions somewhere on how to do this?


Our End Gola is to get a machine with the crystal system up and going and upgrade it to a version where we can transfer all the scheduled reports into our new server.


Thanks in advance!