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Working BPM WebService not starting if called from VisualComposer

Lukasz Hreczkowski
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Hi Community,

first of all, this is my first Post and I'am working with the SAP Java-World only since about 2 Month, so sorry in Advance for any mistake I'm making here.



My Situation is as follows:

I created an BPM Process with an Asynchronous WSDL Interface for the Start-Message (Only Import-Parameters).


I deployed this Process to my Server, which is an SAP PO 7.40.3301 Test-Machine, successfully.


I created a Binding in the Single-Service Administration and was able to call the Service from Service Navigator. (Works like a charme)


Than I created a UI in Visual Composer which gathers all the Data for the Process-Start by calling some RFCs and WebServices from SAP ABAP-Machines, by the way, these work absolutely great.


At the end my Process has to be called with the gathered Data and here is my Problem:

I was able to import the BPM WebService into the VisualComposer, I bound all needed fields to the Importing-Parameters but thats it.


My Process doesn't start.

The only thing I found until now:

In the SOA Connectivity Trace I am getting an exception:



Invalid Response code (401). Server [http://<myserver>:50013/SAPControl.cgi] returned message [Unauthorized]. Http proxy info: none


After two days of testing, reading, googling and testing again I have absolutely no clue how to proceed with this


Every suggestion is welcome