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SAP connection error through SAP DOTNET Connector

Jack Sunderman
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Has anyone seen the following error and/or has any suggestions. We are currently running a DOTNET software package that communicates with SAP every 15 seconds. This communication ran fine for 12 hours but then started having this error. We changed the timing to 60 seconds and only have seen the error once.





LOCATION    CPIC (TCP/IP) on local host

ERROR       illegal parameter value ( function=SAP_CMTIMEOUT2 /

            parameter=conversation_ID / value=22176518  )


TIME        Wed Apr 06 15:26:41 2005

RELEASE     620



RC          769

MODULE      r3cpic.c

LINE        7533

COUNTER     44



Source: SAP.Connector


Stack Trace:    at SAP.Connector.Connection.Open()

   at SAP.Connector.Connection.BeforeCall(SAPClient sapclient)

   at SAP.Connector.SAPClient.BeforeCall()

   at SAP.Connector.SAPClient.SAPInvoke(String method, Object[] methodParamsIn)

   at TSI.SAPProxy1.Z_Mrp_Controller_Read(String Werks, ZT024DTable& Zt024d)

   at TSI.MrpService.Read_MRP_Controller_Data(String werk)


Target Site: Int32 Open()

  • Re: SAP connection error through SAP DOTNET Connector
    Guangwei Li
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    It is a known issue associated with the way the underlying native RFC library librfc32.dll uses Winscok. If an application open and close conenctions too frequntly and over a long period of time, this error may occur. For details please refer to SAP note 734095.


    You can resolve (workaround) this problem by:


    - Increase the polling interval to >= 4 minutes if it is OK for your app, or


    - Keep the connection open for a longer time especially if the polling interval is very short.

    - Use the connection pooling feature provided by the .NET Connector. It is the recommened way for all cases.