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Activating Business Function /IMO/BW_CONTENT - Impacts

Vitor Eduardo Patriarcha
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Hi all,


I'm reading the documentation on enabling the sap standard architecture BW on HANA for SD module.

Sales and Distribution (SAP HANA-Optimized) - SAP HANA-Optimized BI Content - SAP Library


To activate the standard Business Content providers through the activation of a Business Function /IMO/BW_CONTENT is required.

To activate this Business Function'm reading the following documentation:

Switching on Business Functions (SAP Library - Switch Framework)



My doubt is:


What is the impact on my environment if I do the activation of Business Function / IMO / BW_CONTENT?

What happens to other providers who are already active and running in production?



Thanks to all

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    Vitor Eduardo Patriarcha
    Currently Being Moderated

    I got a reply from SAP for this.

    Dear Vitor Eduardo Patriarcha,


    please be insured that the business function / swich /IMO/BW_CONTENT has no impact on any active objects/providers in your BW system.


    The switch / business function has only one impact:

    - Without the switch /IMO/BW_CONTENT being turned on in your BW system you will not be able to see any of the new content objects (D version) in transaction code RSORBCT which is the transaction to collect and activate SAP delivered BI Content.


    The new SAP HANA optimized content consists of new BW objects such as DSOs, 7.0 InfoSources, Transformations, MultiProviders, Queries following the namespace /IMO/*, means no old BW objects are changed.


    If you want to use the new content objects, you will need to switch on the business function, collect and install the new BI Content objects via transaction RSORBCT (copying the delivered content BW objects ('D' version) into an active version ('A' version)).

    The data flows visualized in the online help might help you to identify the objects that needs to be installed/activated.


    I hope this explains it.


    Best regards,

    Andreas Tenholte