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BO 4.1 Migration from VM to Physical server

Jayakrishna Kandoori
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Hello All,


We have our BO 4.1 setup in a VMware server. Now setup'd in physical server. Both are using same CMS db. In physical server it is a new/fresh installation using same CMS db. So no existing content available. I have taken the filestore backup. Now my question is can I migrate my BO VMware server content(reports,dashboards, universes,connections,folders,users/ user groups,access levels) to physical server using Upgrade management tool / LCM. How? Both server names are different and both are same patch level ( BO4.1 sp1 patch1)


Please update and let me know the steps.


Thanks in advance.


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    Hi JK,


    you can achieve this by using Migration tools Like UMT(with no version check) or LCM.




    there is another way is also there by copying the CMS DB and FRS from  VM server to Physical server.


    This process will copy all the objects,security,user, groups and CMC Authentication settings..


    there are two ways  are there.


    1) Copy DB and restore it with help of SIA: Below is the note to perform the same.

    1876557 - How to use Copy Data from another Data Source in Crystal Server 2008 Environment

    Even though it is for Crystal2008 it is applicable for the BO4.X.


    2) Copy DB and restore it with help of External DB Tools: below is the document to have the post DB copy activities.



    Hope this answers your question.


    I will prefer DB copy method instead of LCM or UMT.

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      Jayakrishna Kandoori
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      Hi Prasad,


      Thanks for the updates. I understood your replies. I am just thinking rather going for DB copy using UMT or LCM as I need to migrate only reports,dashboards,universes,connections and folders. Not sure the existing users /user groups required in physical server.


      But in the SCN thread, "http://scn.sap.com/thread/3414235" mentioned that using UMT is for BO4.0 to BO4.1. This means, I cannot use my BO4.1 BIAR file from VM server importing to BO4.1 physical server. Any specific reason and I am not doing this for first time BO4.x.

      Because in BO3.1 I did the migration using same BIAR file for the same server.


      What about LCM? Can I use promotion management to promote required objects from 4.1 vmserver to 4.1 physical server. Reason why I am thinking is the physical server is freshly setup'd and not to have multiple SIA nodes / multiple server instances inside servers. Also if I copy the CMS DB , filestore restore,SIA node creation,  I need to stop using the vm server after I start using physical server. Right?


      I need to estimate the best / easy option to promote the content from vmserver to physical server using LCM/UMT? As UMT is not helps as per the kba note 1797144, so preferring for LCM option.

      What are the limitations with LCM if any in my case, please let me know.


      Please update and suggest the easy option.




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    Denis Konovalov
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    The question boils down to where is the CMS DB ?
    You said they bot use same CMS DB, but that means that physical and vm nodes are clustered then and no migration is needed.
    You also said that physical machine has no content, but that means they are not using same CMS DB as VM one.


    If the database holding your CMS DB is on separate server (as recomended) then you don't need migration, you simply create new SIA on physical machine pointing to the CMS DB and copy FRS.


    If database used is the one that comes with BI4.1, then simply use sybase tools to move DB from vm server into physical and create new SIA.


    UMT process between 2 BI4.1 systems is not supported (but could work), Promotion Management process (LCM) should work, but might not be 100% reliable.

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      Jayakrishna Kandoori
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      Thanks Denis for your update. I even spotted this after the installation, physical machine not having the content, if they are used same CMS DB.  Now asked DBA to find and update the details of these two CMS DBs, It is only the CMS usernames are similar in both servers or any difference wrt DB. Yet to get the difference.


      If these two are different DBs, I can promote the content directly using LCM without any issues I guess?


      I will get an update by today hopefully and will post the status.