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Funds Management & Grant Management

Muhammad Siddique
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What is the difference between Grant management & Funds Management ?




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    Nageswar Pattela
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    The OSCAR system - in its present form - has been in the University for 7 years and no longer delivers the ever growing research administration demand. In order to meet the University requirements and its strategic aims for research significant enhancements and integration with the University finance system (SAP) are required.


    SAP has recently developed a specific application – Grants Management (GM) - which is delivered as part of Enterprise 4.7 to which the University is currently upgrading to.

    Replacing OSCAR with GM will allow us to record the complete life cycle of an award, automate the invoicing process and improve the management and control of research projects therefore reducing the administrative burden on the Academics.

    The new award system will also allow the University to analyse its award application success rate. This work is essential as the Research Award System is a key part of number of initiative - including the Research Management Information System (RMIS) currently under implementation - that are being put in place in order to improve the University research portfolio.


    GM’s integrated capabilities (with Finance and HR) will enable the University to display its financial transactions in the Sponsor’s “view” in accordance with the Sponsor’s administrative requirements.


    The Grants Management module has many benefits:


    Integrated solutions

    Planning program expenses from human resources to other related project expenses

    Availability checking on the budget items

    Budgeting internal and external funding sources

    Separate “views” for the University and Sponsor financial transactions

    On-line review and approval of GM transactions such as master data and budgeting

    Relating the Sponsor’s requirements to the University such as projects, expenditure categories, fiscal year variant, currency and billing requirements

    GM will deliver tools to enhance the opportunity for success and support collaboration between colleagues while balancing these values with the Sponsor and the University’s guidelines and requirements. Grants Management provides

    solutions that supports all business processes from pre-award activities to post-award accounting and reporting. Through the use of the applications and tools the University will be provided with the competitive edge needed in today’s sponsored funding environment.


    AND Funds Management documentation





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    To serve this dynamic and growing market, SAP has developed a world-class grants management solution that addresses the administrative and financial requirements of sponsored program management: <b>SAP Grants Management</b> (SAP GM). SAP GM handles the requirements of grantee organizations with both pre-award and post-award functions.


    <b>Funds management :</b>


    Funds Management allows management to set budgets for revenues and expenses within your company as well as track these to the area of responsibility.