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role & responsibilities for SD functional consultant

sravan kumar
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iam sravan,


applying 2+yrs of exp as a sd functional consultant.

i want to put 10 months of exp for impementation and rest of the

yrs putting as a support. is it ok, otherwise plez suggest me.

can u tell me the role and responsibilities for implemetation

and support, bcoz iam putting two projects so i have to put

role & responsibilities both are should be different.


plez send me as soon as possible...................

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    sri ram
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    Hi Sravan,


    Welcome to the world of SAP.

    Do you have any prior exp.in SAP or just starting.


    Coming to your resume,putting 10months exp.in implementation and rest in support is actually a good idea,your are clear that you know both side of the coin.


    Roles in a support,

    1.Attend the issues or in support language tickets

    2.Interacting with end-user and taking there inputs for any new reqirement

    3.Achieving the SLA’s(Service Level Agreements)

    4.Should take care of High, Medium and Low Priority tickets without complaints

    5.Configuration of new shipping points

    6.Configuration of new payments terms.

    7.Assigning of new sales office.


    Coming to implementation,generally role swill be,

    1.As a SAP SD Consultant you have to define business process requirements, preparation of scope of SAP Sales and Distribution. Performed Gap Analysis. Prepared Business process blue prints (AS-IS(existing system), TO-BE(How the system should be)).

    2.Taking care of GAP analysis.

    3.Methodology used

    4.Mention your team size

    5.Undertaking User Training and the Preparation of User Training Material


    But remember,when you are facing the interview,be careful wiht the interviewer,as they'll try to pull your leg,just to know if you know all as what ever you have written in the resume.So understand your resume very well.




    Hope this helps to some extent.

    Reward if it helps.



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    Reazuddin. MD
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    Hi Sravan,

    Types of Consultants:

    The most common question being asked in interviews is ' What are your roles and responsibilities?'.

    Before answering the above question, let me explain the difference between Functional consultant and

    Technical consultant.

    Roles and responsibilities differ from functional consultant to Technical consultant.

    <b>Functional Consultant:</b>

    • Functional consultants are responsible for designing the SAP implementation solution based on the

    requirements of your company.

    • Functional consultants are business process experts.

    • Functional consultants normally use their process knowledge to calculate the impact of the SAP

    implementation on the company's processes.

    • Functional consultants are thus concerned with SAP functions and processes that will generate the data

    and output for business.

    • Functional consultants interact with end users of the company to gather requirements and based on the

    requirements they customize the SAP implementation.


    <b>Technical Consultant:</b>

    • Technical consultants are experts in information technology.

    • Technical consultants normally assist in configuration of the SAP R3 installation. In many SAP

    implementations, technical consultants help in designing interfaces and customizations in R3. Finally, the

    SAP R3 technical consultants would be responsible for migration of data from the legacy system to the new

    SAP ERP implementation.



    • Here i will discuss major roles and responsibilities of a technical consultant:


    1) Designing technical specification by looking at the functinal specification you have recieved.

    Usually senior developers having 3 years or more than 3 years of experience involves in preparing technical



    2) Developing objects using ABAP workbench tools. That may be a report program or an on-line program or a

    custom table.

    Remember the development work starts after the technical specification is approved by your team leader.


    3) Preparing the Unit test case document.

    In unit test case document, we document the results and test cases performed on the developed object.


    4) Peer Review

    if you are a senior developer you can perform peer review. I.e review the code written by your peers.


    5) Working on Problem Tickets

    If you are working in a support project, you should solve the tickets assigned to you. Tickets are nothing but

    the problems occured in production environment.


    The above mentioned are the major roles and responsibilities for a technical consultant


    *HOpe it Helps,

    *Reward Points,