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What do the Tcodes mean?

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I have joined SAP recently. Please provide information about why Transaction Codes (SE, SM, etc...) are named so?


What is the expansion of SE, SM...?


I appreciate the help.




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    Prabhu Peram
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    no one can say why SAP named Like that , as per i know SE->SAP Editor, SM->SAP Maintainance related





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    Gangisetty Vijaya Bhaskarudu
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    Hi shwetha,


    As per My Knowlege SE: SAP Editor, SM :SAP Maintainance. Why means there is no answer for this because if i ask you that why your prarents name you as shwetha.


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    Nagaraj T
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    Hi Shwetha,


    Transaction Codes in SAP are actually direct paths for the various objects such as Dictionary and Repository Objects.


    Actually SE means SYSTEM ENGINEERING

    and       SM means SYSTEM MAINTANENCE.


    Examples are SE11(ABAP Dictionary), SE38(ABAP Editor), etc....

    and SM30(Table Maintanence Generator) etc...


    Generally SExx are ABAP side T Codes,i.e. They are for development purposes, and SMxx are for the Basis Side ,i.e. these T Codes are generally for maintanence purposes.


    Hope this resolves your query.


    <b>Reward all the helpful answers.</b>



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    Hi Shwetha,


    SE means System Environment

    SM means System Management


    As such there is no logic behind using SE or SM. But looking at the transactions one can say that all the SM transactions are for Monitoring purpose while all SE transactions are Executable transaction.

    See here:


    Re: Usefull Transaction Code

    Go SE11 and give the table name "TSTC" and click on display, u can get all the tcodes.




    Goto Transaction SE84 --> Other Objects --> Transactions

    --> In the Transaction Code enter 'RS', 'SE', 'SM*' those are all the BW & R3 transactions used.


    Assign points if it helps.


    P.Naganjana reddy