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Lock table overflow

Ujval Razdan
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Hi friends


In one of my R/3 4.7 system, i m getting below messages

in SM21


GEG Lock table overflow                        

GEA Internal lock administration error         

GZZ > EqSetCluster(); rtc=16 enxxmenq1806      


The size of the lock table is 9000 KB. Can anyone help in telling me how to find what caused the lock table overflow ?

Lock system is working fine and also the updates are taking place



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    Mert ARSLAN
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    Hi Ujval,


    Have you found an answer to your question? I am having a similar problem on an F&R system. 





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      sap Basis support
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      Hi Mert,


      You can check who caused lock table overflow by giving below mentioned input values in T.CODE SM12 and click "List"


      Table name          #01_002

      Lock argument       #01_002

      client              #01

      username            #01_002


      This lock information is available for kernel release 4.6D patch 1856 and higher.




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    Diptimay Mishra
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    you should check whether the update server is functioning correctly, since the lock table can grow very fast if the update function stops. If no update problems exist, you can use enque/table_size  parameter to increase the size of the lock table.


      To analyze choose (SM12) Extras  Statistics to display the statistics. These are the statistics that have been compiled since the last time the lock server was restarted. 


      The size of the lock table can be increased. As the number of records updates increases and crosses the limit of the lock table size it happens.





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    Tomas SESTAK
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    Hello all


    I would like to know what is the relation between the size of lock table ( defined by parameter "enque/table_size") and number of lock that could be handled.


    If found only one related information in OSS note 13907 but it didn't helped me.


    Thanks for help