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0FI_GL_10 - Delta Mechanism

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We are implementing New GL extractor 0FI_GL_10.


The requirement was to run multiple deltas/day during period end closing.

My understanding is that 0FI_GL_10 supports multiple deltas based on TIMESTAMP in the table FAGLFLEXT.


I made a settings change in BWOM_SETTINGS table with PARAM_NAME = BWFIOVERLA and PARAM_VALUE = 'X'.

This is to facilitate mutiple delta loads/day for FI-GL/AR/AP/AA. Ref OSS Note # 485958.


I ran my INIT delta, which actually pulled all the records from ECC as of the current date and time.

i.e., RSA3 extraction shows 100 records, BI pulled all the 100 records.



I posted a single transaction in ECC 6.0 was able to see the data in FAGLFLEXT table.

Now, I ran my delta extraction. Now BI pulls approx. 20 records, which includes my posting also.

I checked the DEBIT, CREDIT, BALANCE for the specific GL accounts posted in ECC and it is aggregating correctly.


Given the above information, I am looking for answers to the below:


1. Why is the BI pulling 20 records including my GL posting record in ECC.

   I checked the timestamp of the records pulled and it looks like it pulled records for the last couple of days.My understanding is that, 0FI_GL_10 should pull records only from the last init/delta load


2. This being a GL totals Data Store Object, aggregration rules for DEBIT,CREDIT and BALANCE is SUMMATION.


   With this rule, if I am pulling the records in that are not TRUE DELTA records, I will be aggregating $ figures

   and will lead to incorrect reconciliation.


   What is the solution for this?

   What tables do I need to check for last load details, based on which,I can deteminate the delta records?


   Please let me know, if you need additional information.