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Find Authorization Object

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Hello Experts,

How to find the authorization object of a specific field or function (say delete) within a transaction and then find roles carrying that authorization? Would appreciate your help.



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    Benjamin Barran
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    Try running an authorization trace (ST01) and see which objects and activities come into play.  Search ST01 if you need more info. 


    Also look at transaction SU24 for the given transaction in question.


    Look at the related objects and their documentation in SAP (transaction SU21).


    Search/Read the OSS/SAP forums for answers.





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      L. Borsboom
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      I agree that the best thing is to execute all the needed functionality and trace with ST01.

      The next best thing is to browse the underlying ABAP code for authority checks.

      The transaction below has been designed for that purpose:


      S_ALR_87101287 - Program Analysis


      With this program, you can search for a specific abap command (i.c. AUTHORITY-CHECK) in abap reports, transaction codes and modules.


      If you want to execute a bulk search (but on abap reports only) you could consider using abap program RPR_ABAP_SOURCE_SCAN


      Good luck!


      Kind regards,


      Lodewijk Borsboom

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    venkat kolluru
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    If wanted to find the Activites related to A Tcode, You can find them in TACT Table.

    To find the Roles carrying authorization, You can use SUIM -->Roles and choose the appropriate option as per your need.


    Hope this answers your question.

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    Table TACTZ would give you the Activities in a perticular Authorization Object. And table TACT will give you all the standard activities.

    Table AGR_1251 would give you the list of authorization in a role.


    Hope it helps.

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    Manohar Kappala
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    Did you mean in a role you wanted to know what Auth Object with a particular field gave access to a Tcode. If its so

    You can use the following Tables to find the information pertaining to the Various Auth Obj which have a given field for a given transaction

    You need to use the AGR_1251 with USOBX_C tables to get the information.

    From AGR_1251 you get the list of all auth objects which are available in that role for that transction.

    of those list of auth objects search USOBX_C tables enter the transaction u want from the role and the list of auth objects from previous report and set the Check Fields flag to X and Y so that you get the list of objects which are checked and Check maintain and from there u can get the fields in them

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    Pankaj Kumar
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        Please check this SA38----> RSUSR010.


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    Pankaj Kumar

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    Surakshveer Singh Tomar
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    Hi UV,


    You can find transaction code / authorization object in table <b>TSTCA</b>. In a role you can find T-code in the <b>TCD</b> field of <b>S_TCODE</b> object. That is the way you can find role.