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tables used in sap plm

subhasis sahoo
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hi all

can somebody  give me <b>some imp. tables used in sap plm.[/b





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    Hi Subhasis,


    As PLM is a very huge module in itself and there is not specific processes defined within SAP PLM, you need to fabricate as per the business need/requirements involving Material Master, BOM, DMS, ECM, Project System, Cprojects, Classification, etc


    So you can refer tables related to Material Master(MAKT, MARA, MARM, MAST, MSEG, MKPF)  Bill of Material  (STKO, STPO, MAST), Project System (PROJ, PRPS, PRTE, PRTX, PSTX) & few more related to DMS, etc.


    Few of System Table will also be used.





    Reward Points If Useful

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    Puttasiddappa Harisha
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    Hi Subhasis,


    You can refer the following tables related to the modules PS, MM, SD, PM, CO





    AFAB       Network - Relationships                                  

    AFKO       N/W Header details

    AUFK       Orders/networks headers

    AFRV       Confirmations pool                                       

    AFVC       Activities assigned to WBS elements

    AFVU       DB structure of the user fields of the operation

    AFVV       DB structure of the quantities/dates/values in the operation

    AUFK       Sales order details (N/W)

    CATSDB   CATS: Database Table for Time Sheet

    CATSPS   Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS): Transfer to PS

    CKIP          Unit Costing: Period Costs Line Item

    CKIS          Items Unit Costing/Itemization Product Costing

    CKIT          Texts for CKIS

    COBRA       Settlement Rule for Order Settlement

    COBRB       Distribution Rules Settlement Rule Order Settlement

    RPSCO        Project info database (cost, revenues)

    RPSQT        Project info database (quantities)

    COSP          Cost totals for external postings

    COSS          Cost totals for internal postings

    COSB         Total variances/result analysis

    COEP          Line items, actuals

    COOI          Line items, commitments

    COEJ           Line items, planned orders

    BPGE            Budget, overall cost

    BPJA             Budget, annual values

    QBEW             Project stock valuation

    MSPR              Project stock (incl. non-valuated)

    LFINF      Delivery information Project System                      

    LFINFX     Assignment delivery information to Project System objects

    MLST       Milestone                                                

    MLTX       Milestone Description                                    

    MSET       Standard milestone set                                   

    NHPRPS     Number history for reorganization of WBS elements        

    NPTX       PS Texts (Network)                                       

    PA0001    Person responible details in HR (Emp. No., Name, etc.,

    PA0002    Person responible details in HR (Emp. No., Name, etc.,

    PA0003    HR Master Record: Infotype 0003 (Payroll Status)

    PLAB       Relationships                                            

    PLTX       PS Texts (Library Network)                               

    PRHI       Work Breakdown Structure, Edges (Hierarchy Pointer)      

    PRHIS      Standard WBS, Edges (Hierarchy pointers)                 

    PROJ       Project definition                                       

    CI-PROJ   Project structure                                   

    RCJ_PRPSUP      Superior WBS element (for validation/substitution)

    PRHI       Work Breakdown Structure, Edges (Hierarchy Pointer)          

    PROJS      Standard project definition                              

    PRPS       WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) Element Master Data       

    PRPSS      Standard WBS Element (WBS element) - Master Data         

    TJ02         System status

    JEST        System/ User Status by object number (WBS and Network)

    TJ02T       System status texts

    JCDS - history of System/ User Status by object number JEST (WBS and Network)

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    Athol Hill
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    Table DRAW, DRAT, TDWST relate specifically to DMS.


    To find tables, go to the field in SAP, press F1, when the help screen appears, click on the 4th button from the left which looks like a hammer and a spanner overlayed. It will bring back the field and table name for the field you clicked on.

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    amit dhar
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    <b>dear subhasis,

    i am sending u list of tables used for sap plm..

    if the answer is relevant plz give reward point ...</b>


    Creation of Material Master MM01/MM02> Create/Change of BOM CS01/CS02>Assignment to Classifications (Charaterstics/Class) CL02/CT04 depending on requirements again-> Create/Change DIR (Document Information Records) CV01N/CV02N> CV04N ---> CAD Integration,

    ECM Cycle can be included for Revisioning/Versioning of these Objects (MM,BOM DIR etc)

    i.e. Create/Change ECR/ECO, CC31/CC32 or CC01/CC02--> assignment of relevant objects (MM,BOM,DIR etc) as per requirments again.


    Linking these scenarios with CFolders & CProjects