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Assign MPN to Internal Material Number Info Record

Juan Paolo Concepcion
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Hi SAP Gurus!


How do you assign an MPN to the info record of the Internal Material Number?


Our business process is that PRs are created via MRP. Then a fixed source of supply is assigned. There are times wherein we'd want to change the source of supply to an alternative supplier so we would change the MRP generated PR and use the "Assign source of supply". This generates a list of the sources that have an info record. In that list, the field "MPN" exists in that list but we cannot find a way to populate that field. How do you do that?


Would highly appreciate the swift reply.


Thanks in advance!

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    Yogesh Lohiya
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    You can have 2 options:


    1) Create only one generic material in your system and while placing orders for different equivalent materials, mention the equivalent product name in the vendor info record Under vendor prwhich will get copied to Purchase order. Thus in your system you will have only one material.


    2) If this is not suitable for you, than you can configure Manufacturer Part Number functionality.


    Option  No 1 . Pl take this scenario of a Chemical co.


    Step 1 - Creation of Material in SAP


    Genaric Material                   Vendor 

    (Silicon Surfactant)


    Alt.Material 1                      Vendor X

    Alt.Material 2                      Vendor Y

    Alt.Material 3                      Vendor Z


    In this case, you will create material in SAP as Silicon Surfactant. This material will be used in BOM. 


    You will not create 3 different alt.materials like Material 1,2 and 3 in system. 


    Step 2 - Vendor Inforecord will have Vendor Material No i.e Material 1 etc.


    Thus whenever you will print PO, PO will be printed with reference to your internal SAP material no i.e of Silicon Surfactant and will also have vendor material no. If you want only Vendor material to be printed then you have change the print format.


    Thus for MRP, only 1 material will be cionsidered. Hope this is clear.


    Option  No2 -Manufacturer's Part Number

    Step 1 -

    In customisng under Lo General - Material Master - You have to create a MPN profile.


    Step 2 -

    Create normal material under material type ROH or Traded as required. Under purchasing tab , maintain MPN Profile,Manufacturer's part number(Vendor material number) and Manufacturer's code.(Vendor Code)

    This is a material in which you will maintain stock, use in BOM etc. This is your internal material number. This number  will not be used in the PO.


    Step 3

    Create a new material each for your alternative materials under Material type HERS. Under this you will create material which is supplied by your vendor.In this material you will link the internal material number as created in step 2 above.


    Step 4

    Create a PO by using material number created under material type HERS. 


    Step 5 - Do a GRN


    MPN process works like this :

    Order is created for HERS material but whenever you will do GR against this PO, stock and other reports will get updated under material code created in step 2 i.e normal material created under material type ROH or traded. Thus HERS material is used only for ordering purpose.





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      Banu Pratap Tanguturi
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      Dear Mr. Yogesh,

                                 I have already gone ahead doin all these steps and also was able to place a purchase order using my MPN number. However I have a concern , while running an MRP.


                  When I run an MRP for the Internal Material Number , the Purchase Requisitions are created for the Internal Material Numbers. While processing this P.R to a P.O. an error occurs. It says enter the MPN material number instead of Internal Material Number. This is because I have maintained MPN Mandatory indicator in the MPN profile.


      Client requirement is that he needs to see the MPN (manufacturer part Number) in the PO. I have tried the option of AMPL(with and with out MPN mandatory in MPN profile)


      When I tried with out AMPL with out MPN mandatory indicator , i get the MPN material number only at GR however it does not appear in PO(Both ways MPN does not appear).Ofcourse I can get the same printed.


      Therefore i resorted with the option of using MPN mandatory.However is there a way that I can have the MRP create requisitions with the MPN material Number. Do I have to maintain quota arrangement ?


      if you can kindly let me know how to go about it.




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      Marie Olgin
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      Our company has currently configured our parts as per the detailed steps in option 2.  However, we have run across a requirement whereby the internal (sales) part number must be the same as the HERS part number.  We have obviously recognized that we cannot enter a HAWA and a HERS part with the same part number in SAP.  Here is a more detailed explanation:


      We represent the sales entity and maintain a sales part number in SD as a HAWA.  We then also maintain a HERS part number as a vendor part number.  The HERS part number then references the manufacturer part number in the purchasing view of the HERS material master record (but this manufacturer number is not itself maintained as a material master record in SAP.  So multiple vendors can use that same HERS for fulfillment purposes.  Although in some cases some vendors will have their own HERS number.  Either way, the internal part number must be the same in some cases due to previously configured external systems which access or receive this data.  If the part numbers are the same, do we have any other options or configurations that would work?

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      Anil Kumar
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      Hello Yogesh,


      I have a requirement wherein the Option 2 with MPN is applicable, however, there are more than 1 MPN per Vendor is available.


      In the Material Master, I have option for only 1 MPN and in the AMPL Table I can enter the multiple MPN for that Vendor.


      However, the main problem is that this Vendor is used in the Consigned Stock basis. Meaning we will procure based on K-Type Purchase Orders, do GR and then Pull (411/K) as and when required. But, since I can only maintain 1 Info Record, I am not able to consider the Different Price of Multiple MPN for the single Internal Material.


      I hope you got the scenario. If you have any suggestion please do inform me.



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    Donna Peske
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    It seems that SAP should make this whole process easier.  It should be allowed to assign any number of Manufacturer Part Numbers to a Material Master, select the preferred Mfg / Mfg Part number to print on the PO and keep superseded part numbers for reference against the material.  Take for instance a filter for a Caterpillar haultruck.  If you buy it from Cat you will get their number.  However, I can buy the same filter from Donaldson, Fram, Baldwin, Fleetguard, Parker, etc....  But, when the Technician is looking up the correct filter, they will most likely be looking at a Cat parts list with a Cat Part Number. Additionally, manufacturers frequently supersede their own numbers with new ones.  Having to create all of these extra material codes and link them is really not efficient; and as I see it, lends itself to duplicate material records.  Is anyone interested in challenging SAP to revise their process through a SIG?